Random thoughts: Manziel put effort into busting

by Gary Shelton on March 13, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hi, I'm Miko Grimes, and the real reason I quit Twitter was that I was outnumbered. You only get 140 characters, and the Bucs have had thousands of characters along the line.

– Johnny Manziel isn't the first quarterback bust in the NFL. But he may have worked harder at his own demise than anyone. His next shot at starting should come if the league expands to Skid Row.

– Former coach Lovie Smith said he thought the Bucs had a plan and he was part of it. But I would imagine that any plan didn't include only eight wins in two years, constant penalties, a bad finish in year two and wasted millions on the worst free agent evaluations in the NFL. But that's just me. I wouldn't have fired Smith, but it's hard to say he measured up.

– Food for thought: when the Bucs traded up draft Josh Freeman 18th in 2009, they moved in front of Denver who drafted … Robert Ayers, their new defensive end. Think they should have just taken Ayers and been done with it?

– Serena Williams' new shoes go for $150 a pair. For that kind of money, they should come with a racket, a warm-up suit and her backhand.

– So now that the Broncos have Mark Sanchez, you have to acknowledge that he's no Peyton Manning. Or Tim Tebow. Or Jake Plummer. Or Craig Morton. Maybe, on a good day, he could compete with Frank Tripucka, the original Bronco.

– I understand that the Bucs value Mike Glennon But if they're passing up a second-round draft pick or higher for a guy with five career wins (same as Osweiler!) they need to have a sale.

– Brock Osweiler has won five games on a team with a great defense. The Texans saw that as a reason to give him $18 million a year. To repeat: Hugh Culverhouse paid a total of $16 million for the Bucs.

– The most important players to have a good spring training for the Rays. 1. Matt Moore. 2. Desmond Jennings. 3. Brad Miller

– Shouldn't the Bucs have signed Bruce Carter a  year earlier? That way, he would have fit so well alongside Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins.

– Phyllis Schlafly wants to ban foreigners from major league baseball. Yeah, got to get rid of those guys like Bernie Williams, Fernando Valenzuala and Ichiro Suzuki, huh?

–Wonder who Ryan Leaf thinks was better? Johnny Manziel or JaMarcus Russell? Turns out, Russell used to sip a bit before games.

– Well, Holly Holm mattered for what, about 12 seconds?

– If you worried about what the NFL experts think of the Bucs' free agent haul (not much), don't worry. The same chuckleheads loved the haul of Anthony Collins, Michael Johnson and Josh McCown, remember? Those guys couldn't get a job painting the field these days.

– Did Peyton Manning retire from Papa John's? I understand that Cam Newton likes pizza.

– Just wondering, but is the Lightning's best shot at the playoffs to land on the teams below them?

– Silly me. The first thing I thought when Jim Harbaugh was working out with the Tigers is that he had invaded the Clemson spring practice.

– Did  you see Donald and Shelly Sterling have decided not to divorce. Join me in congratulating the two innocents they might have ended up with if they had.


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