Random Thoughts: Leave the ball, take the canoli

by Gary Shelton on June 19, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

And, after a 5,000-hour documentary, I still think O.J. Simpson is guilty.

– Wade Phillips finally got his correct Super Bowl ring. But I think he should have embraced the “Peters'' identification. That way, when the ax comes, he could always say they have the wrong guy.

– Is it just me, or is the time for the Ryans' tag-team about up?

– David Price thinks the NBA Finals is rigged. As a counter,the NBA Finals think that Price is overpaid.

– One thing that came out of the O.J. Documentary. It was on TV so much, that the Kardashians wanted a piece of it. Hence, Kloe is calling out “daddy?”

– Maybe they didn't get the wrong ring for Wade Phillips. Maybe they were just really, really late with the ring for Anton Peters, who played for the team in 1963

– ESPN's great series is 30 for 30. With Tiger Woods, it's going to be 30-over par.

– Lawrence Taylor says he “did Joe Theismann a favor” by breaking his leg. Gee. Thanks.

– Did you hear about the fat Bills' running back (Karlos Williams) who blamed his heaviness on his girlfriend's pregnancy. Just wait til it's time for the labor, Karlos.

– LeBron James says he's seen the Godfather six times this post-season alone, but he can't quote any lines. That's kind of like saying you played tic-tac-toe for nine days but don't know they use X's. So you think he's gone to the pizza joint instead? There is no movie in the history of history that has better lines.

– Stephen A. Smith, blowhard, says he could have beaten Johnnie Cochran and convicted O.J. Simpson if he had the chance. Right. Now go back to watching L.A. Law reruns, Stephen.

– Golfer Steve Stricker says that Tiger Woods changed his self-esteem. Odd. Tiger normally has that affect on women.

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