Random Thoughts: NFL makes fast work of Josh

by Gary Shelton on July 26, 2015 · 0 comments

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6 a.m., Sunday

Hi, I'm Josh Freeman, and I have a heck of a hard time in June. I have now not made it to training camp with as many teams as I have.

-- Remember when comedian D. L. Hughley said that Caitlyn Jenner won an ESPY this year "for putting on a dress.'' I was thinking: If there was such a thing as an ESPY in 1975, would the award have gone to Arthur Ashe for winning Wimbledon, Muhammad Ali for winning the thriller in Manilla, Jack Nacklaus for winning the Masters or to Bobby Clarke for winning the Hart? Nope. It would have gone to Renee Richards, who also put on  a dress.

-- So why did Dennis Rodman never win an ESPY?

-- In a feature story outlining each NFL team and the player "at a crossroad," CBS Sports lists Doug Martin. The problem with Martin being at a crossroad, of course, is that you count on the light to change.

-- I see where Jerome Bettis said he used to sell crack and shoot at people. Just asking, but when was he in a rock band?

-- Word is the Seahawks have offered Russell Wilson $21 million for one year. A reminder: The Bucs paid $16 million for their franchise. Of course, you get what you pay for.

-- Remember when Donovan McNabb claimed his DUI was because of cough medicine? Turns, out McNabb had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his blood system. The good news is that he may never cough again.

-- Tiger Woods is now ranked No. 258 in the world. The good news is that you are No. 254.

-- New idea for a pro wrestler trying to make a comeback at 61: The Masked Klansman.

-- If the Jacksonville Jags have nothing to do for, oh, the next six minutes, they could complete the state's rejection of Josh Freeman. The guy gets less time with each new team, doesn't he? Next team, he'll be cut by the time he gets to the “s'' in “Josh'' in his signature.

-- Just say good night, part I: Colin Cowherd.

-- I understand a college kid has to eat, such as Florida's Caleb Brantley. But $42.34 for bowling alley food? Those must be some good nachos with the fake cheese and all.

-- Just say good night, part II: Hulk Hogan.

-- Isn't it great that Johnny Manziel is working with John Gruden. I think Gruden can turn him into the next Bruce Gradkowski.

-- I see where prosecutors spent almost a half-million to prosecute Aarom Hernandez. That's the part you never seen on Law and Order, where the attorney's put in for overtime.

-- Just asking: If you're Ray Rice, do you want Greg Schiano's recommendation?

-- And while Schiano is on the phone, don't you wonder what he is saying about Freeman?

-- Think about that. Schiano: "I'd give the wife-beating guy on a downhill slide a chance, but not my ex-quarterback.''

-- Maybe being an outlaw is good for the image. Tom Brady lead the NFLPA in sales this off-season for the first time. Quarterbacks led the list, with Colin Kaepernick second, Russell Wilson third, Aaron Rodgers fourth and Peyton Manning fifth. Marcus Mariota was ninth and Jameis Winston 10th.

-- Former Packer running back Ahman Green says going to comic-con is better than playing in an NFL playoff game. Of course it is. They don't give out free pocket protectors at a playoff game.

-- Rob Gronkowski says he's read only 80 percent of his own book. With all the time he has, I wonder if Hernandez has the other 20 percent covered.

-- Just say good night, part III: Mike Holmgren.

-- Of course, George Foreman supports Hulk Hogan. Like Hogan, most of his fights were scripted, after all.

-- The simple reason I don't care about Chris Froome winning the Tour de France? Lance Armstrong, that's why.

– Former Tampa Bay running back Thomas Jones is an actor now. You know, acting. Like when the Bucs acted like they had a clue that Jone was the best running back they had. (He gained at least 948 yards in each of the next six seasons).

-- If you are trying to hype a boxer, you can do worse than one named Cam Awesome. But this stuff where he calls himself "the Taylor Swift'' of boxing has got to go. Of course, after he lost to a boxer from Cuba, he immediately broke into the lyrics of: "Why You Got to be so Mean?''

– Every time I read of a young golfer being “the next Tiger Woods,'' I wonder “What does he order at Perkins? Besides the waitress, that is?'

-- John Rocker charges $20 for an autograph, but $15 extra if you want him to use “bad words.'' Well, that irks the John Rocker out of me.

-- In one summer, Dennis Rodman has supported Kim Jung-Un, Caitlyn Jenner and now Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump. What? Is this guy making the Hollywood Squares of Controversy? And why isn't Bill Cosby invited?

-- It was sweet that Brooke Hogan wrote a poem for her father. But, really, what rhymes with bigot?

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