Random Thoughts: Krzyzewski adds to his legend

by Gary Shelton on April 5, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hi, I’m Jerry Tarkanian. And let me tell you, this Mike Krzyzewski kid can coach a little bit of basketball.

— Think we can stop all that talk about Kentucky being the best college basketball team ever?

— Now that Tiger Woods is going back to Amen Corner, don’t you think he ought to know all the words that come before amen?

— So Kurt Warner was playing April’s Fools when he said he had been approached about making a comeback. I thought he was seizing onto “Someone is paying Josh Freeman’’ Thursday.

— I thought it was great that  more than 50,000 showed up for an exhibition baseball game in Montreal. Where else are they going to go to talk about the Canadiens?

— I see where the Orlando Magic almost lost Shaq O’Neal by screwing up the phones in the Booker Reese manner. I wonder if they thought of blaming a blurry fax when he jumped to the Lakers.

— Think Dick Vitale will be willing to console Ashley Judd?

— Say Aaron Hernandez gets off because the evidence was largely circumstantial. How soon before he signs with the Raiders?

— Josh Freeman has a job. Tim Tebow does not. Does anyone want to talk about character now?

— Just wondering: With one interception as a Buc, was Dashon Goldson’s “The Hawk’’ possibly the worst nickname in the history of pro sports? It was like calling Snoop Dog “Muscles.’’

— The Angels sure didn’t sound relieved that Josh Hamilton got off without a suspension, did they? I’’m sure they just wanted to see justice done, and it didn’t have a thing to do with the courts forgiving them for a stupid contract.

— Did you see where Wal-Mart won’t sell Ronda Rousey’s book because she’s too violent? Ever shop at a Wal-Mart?

— Not sold on Jameis Winston to the Bucs? Then who do they take? Marcus Mariota, who the critics are taking apart? Leonard Williams, who Greg Cosell says “is’t a true three-technique like Gerald McCoy. Randy Gregory, who tested positive? Who?

— All I know about the movie “Furious 7’’ is that it is not a documentary about the Bucs’ defensive front.

— So the Falcons seem happy to let Rich McKay take the rap for their excessive noise celebration. When he was here, McKay was only loud that day that Jon Gruden brought Darrell Russell to camp.

— Evidently, Johnny Manziel will get right back to rehab after he putts out.

— Here’s progress: Iran will now allow women inside the stadiums to see sporting events. This just in: When it comes to the thought of seeing the Bucs, Iranian women have declined.

— There was a report this week that there were tunnels that ran from the Los Angeles Country Club to the Playboy mansion that were used by stars. Just think: Tiger Woods once was driven to catch Jack Nicklaus. Now he’s driven to catch Jack Nicholson.

— Football fans evidently won’t bid on just anything. A football autographed by Jay Cutler brought zero bids at an auction this week. Evidently, everyone thought they could just intercept their own.

— In Qatar, migrant workers were bussed in and forced to run a half marathon in jeans and flip-flops.It was won, of course, by Rosie Ruiz.

— Let’s see. Dan Marino is No. 1, and Bob Griese is No. 2 and Earl Morrall is No. 3. Does anyone think Freeman is in the top 100 yet?

— I wonder what Aaron Hernandez thinks about Rob Gronkowski playing a cop in a new movie.

— Speculation is growing that Florida’s Billy Donovan is ready for the NBA. Why? He needs 10 days away from Gainesville.

— Loved the Shaquille O’Neal line at the Justin Bieber roast: “Last year you were ranked the fifth most-hated person of all time. Kim Jong-un didn't score that low, and he uses your music to torture people.’’

— It was amusing when Ervin Santana said he didn’t know how the PEDs got into his system. I had the same confusion about all that bacon.

— If Duke wins, the major titles so far this year will have gone to Bill Belichick, Urban Meyer and Mike Krzyzewski. Who’s your coach of the year?

— Here’s the punishment in the Josh Hamilton case: Fans are permitted to boo Alex Rodriguez all they want.

— Another reason I want Jameis Winston at the 2015 draft. As long as he’s being interviewed, Chris Berman isn’t likely to be talking.

— I like the story of the Buc scout who sat in the bar every night to see how often wide receiver Justin Blackmon came in. I just wish the same guy didn’t draft Brian Price during happy hour.

— It was sad for a Kentucky fan. But for the rest of us, wasn't it more fun to watch Goliath fall than just name more victims?

— So Jeff Garcia doesn't like what his old club, the 49ers, are doing. I wonder what he thinks of the Bucs and the Browns, his other old haunts.

— Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers is going to be a contestant on Celebrity Jeopardy. I’ll take “Whining About the Raymond James Field’’ for $600, Alex.

— Browns’ general manager Ray Farmer was fined for sending text messages to the sideline. One of those texts: “No, really. Manziel was a good idea. Really.’’

— I forget. Can Joe Maddon clinch the pennant this week?

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