Random Thoughts: Old Buc Qbs Advising Winston?

by Gary Shelton on May 3, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hi. I'm Floyd Mayweather, and in Laila Ali, I finally seem to have found a woman who can fight back.

-- Advice to Chip Kelly: In the NFL draft, you don't trade up using Monopoly money.  I know you read the reports, but no one likes magic beans these days.

-- I wonder two things: Are there really mental issues with Randy Gregory? Also, is he Batman?

-- Is it a toss-up if LSU's La'El Collins will be Rob Gronkowski's teammate? Or Aaron Hernandez?

– Advice from Trent Dilfer for Jameis Winston: “In your first year as a starter, pay attention to all your touchdown passes. That fourth (and final) one is a memory!''

-- In case you're wondering, the folks at SB Nation think the Bucs will finish with the No. 3 pick next year. They have them drafting Notre Dame tackle Ronnie Stanley.

-- So Mayweather is going to keep women reporters out of his fight because he doesn't like them saying he's awful to women. Isn't he proving their point?

-- Remember when “Seen Stamkos?'' was a marketing gimmick, not a battle cry by a search party?

-- Isn't it time for Billy Donovan to come back to Florida yet?

-- If I was Jameis Winston, I wouldn't even be seen in a picture with a crab if I was a guest-star on Spongebob Squarepants.

-- I don't care what you think of classic TV, I'm betting you're a bigger fan of “The Six Million-Dollar Man'' than is Brian Cashman.

-- Personally, I found it sad that, after years, Go Daddy is no longer going to sponsor Danica Patrick. Any day now, would someone remind me to find out just what Go Daddy is.

-- I wonder what Anthony Collins thought of the Bucs' drafting of Donovan Smith.

– I also wonder what Michael Johnson thought when the Bucs didn't draft anyone for his old spot. And they still thought they were better off.

– After his tasteless joke about the Twin Towers, I'm not saying that Greg Hardy is a train wreck, but I think I saw Dr. Richard Kimball running away from him.

-- Wait a minute. You could bet on whether Justin Beiber would wear a hat when he walked out with Floyd Mayweather? What I want to know is if it will be one of those billowy Kentucky Derby bonnets.

– I always think two things when I see NFL draft grades. One, this is funny stuff. And two, thank goodness this guys weren't in charge of my diploma.

-- Advice from Josh Freeman for Jameis Winston: Try to make your 8 a.m. Meeting by 10:30 or so, at the latest.

-- Anyone else think that Greg Hardy will be a splendid role model for Randy Gregory?

-- I have this to say to Dante Fowler Jr. and that white suit of his: I'll take a Double-Fudge Ripple bar, please.

-- Why isn't Pittsburgh cornerback William Gay, who spends hours fighting domestic violence, one of the most popular men in the NFL? I might buy his trading card today.

– Advice from Vinny Testaverde for Jameis Winston: “At all costs, avoid coaches named Perkins.”

– I'm not sure who is going to play Darren Sharper in a movie, but more and more, it's sounding like Bill Cosby.

-- Billy Donovan leaves with two national titles, and is adored. Urban Meyer left with two, and it was like he defaced the stadium.

-- Not that I didn't watch Mayweather-Pacquiao, but I'd rather spend a couple of hours watching Daredevil.

-- Now that Brooklyn Decker is pregnant, it means Andy Roddick is going to be dad. I don't know the name, but I'm pulling for Foot Fault.

-- I saw the Baltimore Orioles were shut out Friday night. The home team never has scored at the Trop. Of course, the Rays came right back and were shut on Saturday. What we have is a gunfight where both sides shoot blanks.

-- A shame my anniversary just passed. I'd give the wife one of Johnny Weir's hats.

-- In mini-camp, will the Packers teach Brent Hundley to hold the clipboard in his right hand, or in his left? That should take care of the next seven years

-- Advice from Doug Williams for Jameis Winston:”Speaking of crablegs, be grateful that Hugh Culverhouse isn't walking on his anymore.

-- Let's see. If you wear Weir's hat with Don Cherry's sports coat, you would certainly be colorful. It would look like Walt Disney threw up.

-- If the NFL draft had been running 24 hours a day for a week, and we were in, say, the 53rd round, would Jeff Driskell have gone yet if he were eligible? And would it matter if he offered to be a long snapper?







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