Random Thoughts: Grumpy Goose rips show-boaters

by Gary Shelton on March 20, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello. I'm Goose Gossage. And while you aren't looking, I turned into your grumpy Aunt Greta. And things were a lot better before color TVs.

– It's bad enough that Oscar Pistorius thought he could buy his way out of a murder charge. It's laughable that he thought he could do it for $16 grand.

– This occurs to me. One of the best things about having Jameis Winston is that he's a perfect defense against the Bucs signing Johnny Manziel or Robert Griffin III or trading for Colin Kaepernick or bringing back Josh Freeman.

– Doesn't John Calipari have an eighth-grader to recruit somewhere?

– Just wondering: Are Mike Smith's old players better than Lovie's?

– After getting a load of Hulk Hogan's settlement, I am prepared to take a selfie in the shower and let Gawker show it for 10 percent of what the Hulkster was awarded.

– It's right about this point when, if I'm the White Sox, I tell Chris Sale that he needs to be with Adam LaRoche. So, starting now, he can go hang out at his house instead of coming to workouts.

– So if this Cuba trip goes well, where do the Rays go next? Romania?

– Peyton Manning said he won't run for president. Unless he had a good head of defense, of course, he would probably lose in the primaries.

– Bobby Bowden hit the second hole-in-one of his 80s, which matches his number of national championships. Think he misses coaching?

– Richie Incognito supports Donald Trump. Sounds about right.

– The sportsdrop.com ranked the NFL's worst 13 contracts, and I can't decide which surprises me most. That neither Anthony Collins nor Michael Johnson were listed, or that Alvin Harper was only eighth.

– Somehow, the idea of Bill Belichick as his father's secondary coach bothers me less than Lovie Smith's kid.

– If you're counting, only the Bills, Browns, Jaguars, Raiders and Rams have gone as long as the Tampa Bay Bucs without playing in a playoff game. I know. Let's raise ticket prices!

– Of course, it's been 13 years since the Bucs won a playoff game. Cincinnati, Detroit, Buffalo, Cleveland and Miami have gone longer.

– I wonder what Ozzie Guillen thinks of his old Rays playing in Cuba. Who does Ozzie think the are good guys here?

– And whatever happened to Rolando Arroyo?

– Remember when Dwight Howard wanted to be the next Shaquille O'Neal? After getting caught with stickum, it seems he'd rather be the next Lester Hayes.

– Peyton Manning earned more than $248 million in the NFL, not counting commercials. Gee. Wonder how much retirement he'll be eligible for?

– Are we sure Drake LaRoche couldn't have hit more than the .207 his dad managed?

– The college football hot seat ranking can change by the week during the season. In March, it goes this way: Ron Turner of FIU is 13th, Charlie Partridge of FAU is 29th, Florida's Jim McElwain is 52nd, USF's Willie Taggart is 60th, UCF's Scott Frost is 71st, Miami's Marc Richt is 72nd and FSU's Jimbo Fisher is 91st.

– The Browns are considering replacing Johnny Manziel with Robert Griffin III. Isn't that like trying to replace Ryan Leaf with Josh Freeman?

– Here's a terrible idea. It's been floated that Phil Jackson might coach the New York Knicks next year, but only at home. That would leave Kurt Rambis in charge of the road warriors. The advantage is that Jackson wouldn't have to travel, and Rambis wouldn't have to park around Madison Square Gardens.

– Just wondering: can Peyton Manning outrun that statue of him the Colts are building?

– Anyone else think that Johnny Manziel's next team might play in Saskatchewan?

– While in prison, the New Orleans Times-Advocate reports that Darren Sharper had access to an X-box 24 hours a day. Yeah, but it's hard time because the Cheez-Its were stale.


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