Random Thoughts: Goodell encourages, well, everyone

by Gary Shelton on May 29, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday,, 6 a.m.

Hi, I'm Roger Goodell, and I'm here to urge Kenneth City to continue to try for Super Bowls, too.

– Sometimes, I think USA Today thinks the world started Thursday. The website ranked Greg Schiano as the worst coach in Bucs history, which is just stupid. Hint, guys. Here are some Bucs coaches that Schiano was better than. Raheem Morris, Richard Williamson, Ray Perkins and, most of all, Leeman Bennet. No one is saying Schiano was good, but this franchise has seen far worse.

– After losing 18 pounds in less than five months, I fully expect the Winston Diet to join the list of best-sellers soon. Funny thing, he did all that after giving up eating turf for most of the season.

– I think it's interesting that the reports say that ESPN's Chris Berman might retire. And only 25 years too late.

– As NFL.com searches for Cinderella candidates to show great improvement this year, the first team it mentions is the Tampa Bay Bucs. After all, the Bucs won only six last year. This year, it has them winning...seven. Whee!

– Doing the math: The Saints finished 32nd in points allowed and 31st in yardage allowed. But Rob Ryan thinks he did a heck of a job. Right. And the captain of the Titanic got jobbed out of that Sailor of the Year award. Let's get this straight: Rex is Kim and Rob is Kloe, right?

– Here's why Ray Rice told NFL rookies to be good people. Aaron Hernadez wasn't free.

– So Conor McGregor thinks it would be a good idea to fight Floyd Mayweather under boxing news. I think he'd have better luck fighting Rocky Balboa.

– In the least surprising news in the history of the universe, former Dolphin running back has bought in a marijuana gym in California. Others who were considered included Cheech, Chong and Tanard Jackson.

– Now that Art Briles is gone, can we please get that Bill Beall statue back up at Baylor?

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