Random Thoughts: Getting happy over football

by Gary Shelton on February 28, 2016 · 0 comments

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Hello, I'm Noah Spence, and I'm here to tell you about happiness. Some football players play through the agony of the game. And some of us play for the Ectasy.

– A redraft of the 2011 NFL drafts has the Bucs with Orlando Frankin, non-descript guard, instead of Adrian Claiborne, a non-descript end. Nah, not much way to win for the Bucs, was there?

– Dallas receiver Lucky Whitehead applied for a second job the other day. He took home a job application from Popeye's. With a great work ethic, I bet he could be in charge of red beans and rice within a year.

– The Washington Redskins have discovered that they paid linebacker H.B. Blades an extra $40,000 and they want it back. The Bucs, in a related move, overpaid players for most of the 1990s. Coaches, too.

– Cleveland outfielder Abraham Almonte has been suspended for using a horse steroid. During his absence from baseball, you can catch him running at Belmont four days a week.

– Hard to beat a nickname like the Savannah Sand Fleas. I think the Savannah Bananas has done it.

– On the list of coaches you feel good seeing lose, where does Jim Harbaugh rank? High, I'm guessing, but no one beats Urban Meyer on a week-to-week basis.

– At the NFL Combine, former Grand defensive end Valley Matt Judon tells reporters he'll spend his first NFL check on … Taco Bell. Which brings up the eternal question: Why can't they fry the beans right the first time?

– Mike Tyson is not bright. But when he talks about how he once caught Brad Pitt with his ex-wife, it makes me wonder: Is anyone dumber than a guy who would mess around on Mike Tyson?

– I wonder if O.J. Simpson watched the movie about him and thought “I can't believe that he got off!”

– Ronda Rousey says she is still undefeated, which means that Holly Holm kicked her harder in the head than we first suspected.

– So Rocky Bleier and the guys take their fans on a cruise. You know, like the Love Boat. Only they get have to rescue migrants, like Gilligan. Starring Antonio Brown as “Little Buddy.”

– Tiger Woods tells a party host “everyone thinks I'm dead.” No, Tiger. Just your short game.

– So it wasn't Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy who told running back Eddie Lacy to lose 30 pounds. I suppose it was Marie Osmond.

– Dennis Rodman, who wears dresses, has a lip tattoo and loves all things North Korean, is now giving advice to America on its politics. Oooookay.

– You know who runs the fastest at the NFL Combine? The athletes who have been approached by scouts from the Browns.

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