Random thoughts: Cowboys enable another one

by Gary Shelton on November 15, 2015 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hi. I'm Steve Williams, and I erred in using the word “slave'' because I had to pick up Tiger Woods' clubs. How I meant to describe myself was “annoying doof who thinks far too much of himself.'' Thank you.

-- Now that Ronda Rousey is over, can we forget about the MMA now?

-- Now Jason Garrett says that receiver Dez Bryant was “incited'' before his looney rant at the media this week. By oxygen, no doubt. From now on, I suggest we call them the Dallas Enablers.

-- The saddest story of the week was that Lou Brock, who led the league in stolen bases in eight years, has had part of his left leg amputated. In my mind, he could still take second whenever he wants.

-- I see where the Colts are being sued over use of the “12th man'' nickname for fans by Texas A&M. The Bucs might have been sued, too, if they had sold enough tickets to have 12 men.

-- The Colts may be interested in Alabama coach Nick Saban. Good, because women who are Colts fans need all the advice on buying dresses they can get.

-- Think Oscar Pistorius is going to have trouble getting a date?

-- Is the statute of limitations over regarding commercials that make sport of Marshall Lynch not talking? I'm not listening.

-- Mike Singletary didn't like it that former coach Mike Ditka wore a Packers' sweater for a commercial? I wonder how Ditka felt about Singletary wearing 49ers gear when he coached there.

-- In an attempt to get a few more hits, the Tampa Bay Lightning coach will henceforth go by “Jon Cooper Mellencamp.'' Thank you.

-- Just wondering: Why isn't Navy's Keenan Reynolds a Heisman candidate?

-- Know why the Vikings eat 180 pounds of chicken wings every week? Because 175 pounds isn't enough. And with 180, you get free fries.

-- Congratulations to the Rays for winning the right to play in Cuba. Do they accept the trip, or hold out for the Beirut game that Carol Merrill is pointing to?

-- According to pointafter.com, the worst player on the Rays this year was Rene Rivera. Former Ray Matt Joyce won the award for the Angels.

-- Former Baltimore Ravens' linebacker Ray Lewis has released a rap song “Can you stand the rain?'' Better question. Can you stand the noise?

-- I see where Caitlyn Jenner was accused of being an insult to transgender people. One question: How do you know when you're doing it wrong?

-- Did you see where a sixth-grader scored 57 points.The first thing I thought was “for all that is holy, don't let Louisville recruit this kid.''

-- Colts' owner Jim Irsay is nearing $2 million in buying old Beatles merchandize, the latest being a drum head. Next up: The original record of “Baby, You're a Rich Man.''

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