Random Thoughts: Bucs barely missed playoffs

by Gary Shelton on January 10, 2016 · 0 comments

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Just think. If the NFL expanded its playoffs to only 22 teams, the Bucs would still barely miss.

– If Nick Saban wins on Monday night, do they change the name of the joint to Sabanburg?

– Just getting it out there. Next year, I plan to vote for Fred McGriff again. I do not plan to vote for Manny Ramirez.

– You aren't going to believe this, but the New York Daily News thinks the Giants should consider Lovie Smith to be their head coach. Yes, of football. I wonder which one of his eight wins (in two seasons) the Daily News admired.

– Adam Gase goes from Jay Cutler to Ryan Tannehill. Do you say congratulations or condolences?

– Brian Cushing adds a half-stick of butter to his coffee every morning, which is definitely better than toast with a tablespoon of cream.

– In the regular season, Marvin Lewis is Tony Dungy. In the post-season, he's Lovie Smith.

– In a cost-saving measure, the Tampa Bay Rays will pay for only six gloves, two bats and four baseballs this season.

– I'm pulling for John Lynch and Tony Dungy to make the Hall of Fame. But they're competing for five slots, and Brett Favre, Marvin Harrison, Kurt Warner, Terrell Owens, Orlando Pace, Joe Jacoby and Kevin Greene (among others) are on the list.

– The Lightning should save a few dollars for Nikita Kucherov. Just saying.

– In ranking the NFL's playoff broadcasters, USA Today ranks Jon Gruden ninth, ahead of only Phil Simms. I wonder who Chris Simms listens to?

– In the Chicago Sun-Times, columnist Rick Morrissey suggests Lovie Smith's failure in Tampa Bay was failing to ingratiate him to the right people, which he did in Chicago.

– USA Today ranks the Bucs' open coaching job third of the seven openings, but asks the smart question: How long does a new coach have to make it work?

– I think my DirecTV goes out if a bird spits.

– It was a hoot when Johnny Manziel, frat boy, snuck off to Las Vegas the night before the season ended. But what part of a blond wig, fake mustache, glasses, hoodie and the assumed name “Billy” suggests that he's running too much of a quarterback sneak?

– Not to alarm anyone, but Adam Gase, the new coach of the Dolphins, is the same age as Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. Yeah, we're old.

– I understand the loyalty some Bucs have in backing Lovie Smith. But when you win eight games in two years, you don't get a vote.

– Bleacher Report says the Rays currently have the 10th-best farm system. That's second to the Red Sox in the AL East. An interesting note: Shortstop Willie Adames is second, shortstop Daniel Robertson is ninth.

– If I'm Dirk Koetter, I like the Bucs' job opening a lot more than the 49ers. Just saying.

– If you're Chris Paul, do you want to play in the all-star game if it takes Justin Bieber's backing to get you there?

– Just asking: If whoever coaches the Bucs next year wins, will you say it's with Lovie's players?



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