Random Thoughts: Bruce Jenner is Republican?

by Gary Shelton on April 26, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hello, I'm Bruce Jenner, for now. And I have to say, I'm amazed that no one is bothered by the dresses, and no one seems fazed by the implants, and no one is upset about the impending name change. But the fuss over me being a Republican? I didn't see that one coming.

– So Greg Hardy is going to fit right in with America's Team, isn't he? Say this about Davon Coleman, who called him “a wife-beater.'' The pressure of the moment didn't render him inaccurate.

– Jameis Winston is being compared to Jamarcus Russell? Why, because they're of the same race? They played for Jimbo? They played at schools that end with “SU?'' Tell you what, for all his controversies, I'll bet Winston by lot.

– Dan Marino said he wouldn't trade being in the Hall of Fame for a Super Bowl win. But what if Trent Dilfer throws in a draft pick?

– Aaron Herandez says prison is like being in training camp. So that's the secret to Warden Bill Belichick's success.

–So, are the Bucs ready to gamble? Ready to take a risk? Ready to be criticized for a pick? No, not Jameis Winston. What if Tampa Bay trades back into the first round for Randy “Chech'' Gregory? Interesting.

– Both Joel Peralta and Ben Zobrist are hurt. Even ex-Rays are winding up on the DL?

–You know it's a bad night when you could swear you saw Alexander Daigle skate down the ice for the Lightning.

_ When they towed Hardy's Bentley, I hope they used Britt McHenry's agency.  As the car disappears in the distance,  I promise not to laugh.

– Much.

– Actor Patrick Dempsey wants to race cars. So he had his character killed on Gray's Anatomy...in a car wreck. Good thing he didn't want to decend elevator shafts

– I loved that Barack Obama cracked a deflategate joke the other night. Although critics will say he aired.

– So what's on the menu? Jameis Winston says he was hooked up for free crab legs, which sort of puts the whole FSU program on the grill.

– Here's an idea. Why doesn't some enterprising NFL team just sell these one-day contracts and let fans retire with their favorite teams?

– I don't know about you, but after Jim Harbaugh ripped the lid of Jameis and crabgate, I'm ready to give him Morley Safer's old desk on 60 Minutes.

– No matter what your politics are, this was a funny line: President Barack Obama said at the White House Correspondents' dinner that he and vice president Joe Biden were so close that some places in Indiana wouldn't serve them pizza anymore.

– NFL general managers lie so much during draft season, I swear I think they are auditioning for Brian Williams' job.

– Good news. Britt McHenry is still pretty, which seems to be the complete resume.

– Reds' manager Bryan Price used the f-word 77 times in a recent rant. For a baseball manager, that passes as “good morning.''

– To repeat myself: How would they ever know if a baseball manager had Tourette's?

– Just saying. Don't Brittny Griner and Glory Johnson have to be suspended? From over here.

– Is Tim Tebow in the Hall of Fame yet?

– How about now?

–Evidently, ESPN's 30 for 30 on O.J. Simpsom will last five hours. Wonder if Aaron Hernandez will have time to watch?

–  I don't care how much of a discount they get. Seven million for a divorced, relapsed,, declining Josh Hamilton is a lousy deal. Why don't the Rangers just sign Pete Rose and be done with it?

– Okay, who has May in the Josh Freeman-gets-cut pool?

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