Random Thoughts: Faldo had biggest stroke of day?

by Gary Shelton on October 2, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 5 a.m.

When we talk about how many strokes the Americans had over Europe in the Ryder Cup competition, are they counting the one that Nick Faldo almost had while announcing?

– After testing positive for cocaine, boxer Tyson Fury posed for a Scarface-type photo with a desk covered with cocaine. Just asking, but didn't things end badly for Tony Montana?

– The Mets' rookies dressed in uniforms from the women players in A League of Their Own. It reminds me of a line Shannon Sharpe had when Ray Buchanan wore a dog collar to his interviews: “He probably brought it from home.”

– I wonder what Jon Gruden thought when he heard Chris Simms criticize the accuracy of Blake Bortles.

– So, who is going to win the coveted Aguayo of the Week award?

– Just wonder: If someone poured a gallon of lemonade on the actor Ice-Tea, would you have an Arnold Palmer?

– Terry Bradshaw says he'd bench Tony Romo and continue to play Zak Prescott. Prescott is 2-1. If he were 3-0, Bradshaw would put him in the team's Ring of Honor.

– The Rays' best bet for MVP? According to CBS Sports, it's not Evan Longoria. It's Kevin Kiermaier, who missed an awful lot of games. In a story listing each team's MVP and Cy Young candidates, the website went with Kiermaier and, for Cy Young, Alex Colome.

– Bo Jackson says if he had to do it all over again, he'd probably just play baseball because of the concussion factor. I think film of the old Bucs' offensive line playing convinced him.

– I like Rob Gronkowski dressed up as Mr. Clean. Someone has to clean up the mess of the Patriots.

– Pete Rose is still arguing that he should be in the baseball Hall of Fame. Near as anyone can tell, his argument is that he wants to be there. So there.

– I thought it was fine that Justin Beiber practiced with the Finnish hockey team. I mean, every time one of my kids played one of Beiber's songs, I was glad when it was Finnished.

– Show of hands: Who believes that wasn't Greg Hardy's cocaine?

– The Sporting News ranked all 42 quarterbacks who have gone in the first round since 2000. Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay was first. Jameis Winston was 19th, behind (among others) Mark Sanchez, Vince Young and Robert Griffin III. Who did this list? JaMarcus Russell? (For the record, Byron Leftwich was 25th and Josh Freeman was 27th.

– Turns out, Charlie Strong must like his seat hot.

– When Josh Gordon shows up to the rehab center, again, does he just tell the guy at the front desk “I'll have my normal suite, thank you.” He's certainly spent more time there than, say, in the end zone.

– Do you think Jim Harbaugh loves the attention? I suspected, but after Saturday's 10-deep I-formation, I'm pretty sure of it.

– I can't wait to see if Florida's anemic offense can score on FSU's matador defense.

– Nick Saban called transfer Blake Barnett a quitter? Are you ready, Dolphin fans? This side: “Pot.” That side: “Black.”

– Bill Belichick should make the Hall of Fame shortly after he stops coaching. But if not, who thinks Bill will just sneak his own bust into the corner?

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