Proposed Olympic sports include chess, Frisbee

by Gary Shelton on June 14, 2015 · 0 comments

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Random Thoughts:

– Here's the reason Demar Dotson returned to Bucs' camp. He checked the leverage bowl, and he was fresh out.

– Steve Kerr lied to the media? Big deal. If coaches were Pinocchio, they would all look like swordfish.

– I guess we can assume that Michael Sam didn't care much for the CFL.

– True stuff: Sports that have applied to be in the Olympics include American football, underwater hockey, Frisbee, bowls, snooker, chess, ballroom dancing, orienteering and Korfball (a basketball-handball hybrid). Strangely, Candy Crush did not yet apply.

– Dez Bryant said he may skip the Cowboys' first game this season, because he's upset he's only making just shy of $13 million. Maybe Dallas can replace the star on his helmet with a dollar sign.

– Marshawn Lynch guest-stars in the new Call of Duty video game. I guess that opens it up forAaron Hernandez to appear in the video version of “The Game of Life.''

– Jerramy Stephens, the old Bucs' tight end, says the controversy aimed at his wife, Hope Solo, is "a witch hunt.'' If the pointy hat fits...

– I love this. The Altoona Curve minor league team will wear Mr. Rogers sweater jerseys in a game. How far away can Captain Kangaroo be?

– No one knows why Antonio Cromartie would, um, target Kellen Winslow Jr. for criticism. But the stuff where Winslow told him he should work on remembering his kids names was priceless.

– Peyton Manning says he'd rather be called “seasoned'' than “old.'' Sorry, Peyton. Seasoned was about four years ago.

– Let's see. We've got Aaron Hernandez and O.J. Simpson and Rae Carruth and Darren Sharper. Is this the NFL, or are we casting for the new season of Orange is the New Black?

-- So some heckler in Pittsburgh is shut down by actor Michael Keaton. You know you're out of line when you have ticked off Batman.

– Oscar Pistorius is getting out in August? What? Is he still holding the rifle?

– Terrell Owens says he could still play in the NFL. Evidently, he has negative things to say about his quarterback he hasn't even used.

– Kanye West sat in a press conference room at the NBA Finals and answered questions. As I understand it, he said that Beyonce, not LeBron James, should be getting more publicity.

– There are now 180 golfers in the world who are better than Tiger Woods. That means there are 45 foursomes ahead of him.

– What do you do when a street wants to be an avenue? Three towns in the United States are considering changing their road names from one honoring Bruce Jenner to one honoring Caitlyn Jenner. Here's a question: If a street has a sex change, shouldn't it be prettier?

– If the courts are really going to see if Saints' owner Thomas Benson is mentally competent, shouldn't it bringing Dan Snyder and Jerry Jones to, you know, compare.

– Remember when Brandon Spikes said he was “confused'' about a justice system when Aaron Hernandez was found guilty? Spikes is evidently about to have things straightened out for him.

– No, Shaquille O'Neal does not think that 9/11 was an inside job. He has fired his social media firm after posts on his website indicated he did. There was no word over whether he thought Americans had landed on the moon, aliens landed in Roswell or O.J. Simpson was framed. Or whether he had a Fedora made of aluminum foil.

– The latest suspect of Ben Bishop's mystery ailment is mental fatigue. But since when does that make you limp?

– Really, U.S. Soccer looked as hard as it could into the charges of Hope Solo being guilty of domestic violence without forgetting one thing: Solo could bash their heads against a wall, too.

– A new book says that Sheryl Crow told prosecutors about ex-husband Lance Armstrong's blood doping. I think that was the last time anyone ever wanted Crow to sing.

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