Meyer to FSU rumor is all hooey

October 22, 2019 general

Tuesday, 4 a.m. I love rumors. I mean it. If I were still single, I would ask rumors out on a date. I love the ones that suggest that John Wayne was on the grassy knoll, and that we faked the Moon Landing, and that Brad and Angie and secretly Russian spies. Then there is […]

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Will the Bucs ever be better than they are?

October 21, 2019 general

Monday, 4 a.m. Here in the land of the Damned, not much changes. Yesterday is like the day before. Last week is like the week before that. Last year is a lot like last year. We talk about a better day, and we share hope, and we see other teams change their fortunes. But here, […]

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Avs don’t need a lot of shots to bury Bolts

October 20, 2019 general

Sunday, 4 a.m. What’s so great about home ice? Especially when the opponent is the undefeated (in regulation) Colorado Avalanche? The Aves clobbered the Lightning in only its second home game of the season Saturday night, winning 6-2 despite being badly outshot. Tyler Joust had a hat trick to lead the Avi, who scored three […]

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USF defense run over in loss to Navy

October 20, 2019 general

For a team representing the Navy, who knew it would be so good on the ground? Navy overwhelmed the University of South Florida Saturday, rushing for a staggering 435 yards in a 35-3 victory. Navy completed only one pass all day (two of starter Malcolm Lewis’ three passes were intercepted) but ran so efficiently the […]

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Predictions: Gators prepare for final push

October 19, 2019 general

Saturday, 4 a.m. They have been in the top 10 all season. They have a top 20 defense. Their backup quarterback has become an impact player. But how good are the Florida Gators? After coming offa 42-28 loss to LSU, it’s an easy question to ask. Ahead on the schedule are South Carolina, which is […]

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Lightning holds off Bruins for shootout win

October 18, 2019 general

Friday, 4 a.m. Hey, Lightning. Your expectations are showing. That’s how it is with the Tampa Bay Lighting. Every game, every decision is seen as part of the whole. Every success is measured by how much better it could have been, and every failure is treated like a Greek tragedy. For instamce. after a high-leverage […]

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Winston hasn’t changed, and he hasn’t grown

October 17, 2019 general

Thursday, 4 a.m. Excuse me, porter. This is my stop. I know, I know. We’re halfway to the destination. But here is where I get off. Here is where I depart the Jameis Winston Express. We all have our departure points, don’t we? A great many people have gotten off the train before me. A […]

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Stamkos leads Lightning to a win over Montreal

October 16, 2019 general

Wednesday, 4 a.m. First, he lectured them. Then he led them. And just like that, Steven Stamkos had provided further argument that he remains a leader of the Tampa Bay Lightning. After the Bolts’ lifeless loss to Ottawa on Saturday night, Stamkos chided other members of the Lightning. Then, on Tuesday night, he scored a […]

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Looking back on Bucs’ loss to Panthers

October 15, 2019 general

5 Thoughts Maybe it’s just me, but any time the Bucs plan a stinker like Sunday’s, they can play it in Europe. The Ukraine is dying for meltdowns like that. 2. I’ve seen enough of Bobo Wilson returning punts. You wonder when a guy is nicknamed “Bobo” instead of “ghost” or “speedy.” 3. Does Vernon […]

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Winston has horrible game as Bucs clobbered

October 14, 2019 general

Monday, 4 a.m. Here’s an idea: Why doesn’t England just keep him? After all the failures, after all the turnovers, maybe the Bucs shouldn’t save a seat for Jameis Winston on the plane home. Maybe they should leave him here with the rain and the traffic. Have you seen enough of Winston? There is a […]

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