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Bulls roll over Big 10 opponent Illinois

September 16, 2017 College Sports in Florida

Saturday, 3 a.m. In the most beautiful sunset you can imagine, there are a couple of dark clouds. During the most electric concert in history, someone may hit a wrong note. In the most amazing piece of art ever painted, someone blurred the portrait in the corner. And so you have the USF Bulls, who […]

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Which team could have used a game the most?

September 8, 2017 College football

Friday, 3 a.m. As far as a football team goes, they all needed to play. Really, they did. You should have no problem, however, with the series of cancellations in which Miami, Florida, USF and then FSU all pulled the plug on what probably would have been a series of easy victories for this weekend. […]

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FSU reeling from loss of quarterback Francois

September 4, 2017 College Sports in Florida

Monday, 2 a.m. They lost a game. They lost their rankings. And worst of all, they lost their quarterback. For the Florida State Seminoles, Saturdays don’t come more costly than last week’s. It was bad enough to lose to Alabama, but Alabama remains the program that matters most in America. It was bad enough that, […]

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FSU’s special teams lead to defeat against Alabama

September 3, 2017 College Sports in Florida

Sunday, 2:30 a.m. Against a team as strong as the University of Alabama, the little things can kill a team. Just ask Jimbo Fisher. Special teams were the downfall of Fisher and his FSU Seminoles Saturday night. In a 14-minute span, the Seminoles had a punt blocked, a field goal block and a kickoff return […]

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USF wins wobbly game against Stoney Brook

September 3, 2017 College Sports in Florida

Sunday, 2 a.m. So far, his team isn’t very good. Eventually, it has to be great. And in the middle of those two statements, Charlie Strong walks. He just got here. And already, fans are disappointed at how rarely his team has reached the end zone. His USF Bulls are undefeated, but admittedly, it’s a […]

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The picks: FSU has a shot at upsetting Alabama

September 2, 2017 College Sports in Florida

Saturday, 2 a.m. In college football, the question is always who happens to be No. 2. No. 1, of course, is the University of Alabama. Talking about the preseason rankings? Talking about the recruiting rankings? Talking about the coaching rankings? It doesn’t matter. Alabama seems to rule them all. And to beat them, you pretty […]

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USF hopes to continue success under Strong

August 10, 2017 College football

Friday, 2 a.m. It won’t be difficult for USF coach Charlie Strong to be a success. All he has to do is be better than the last guy. This year. Of course, those are awfully high expectations for Strong, the former University of Texas coach who is replacing the departed Willie Taggart. Taggart’s final USF […]

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Ask Gary: Once again, the Juice is loose

July 22, 2017 College Sports in Florida

(Each week, the readers take over GarySheltonsports.com and play Ask Gary. They send in a question, or a couple, on Thursday night or Friday morning and we all talk about the world of sports.  Think of it as a radio show where you don’t have to be on hold. Join us and ask a question, make a comment […]

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Sports has given us a century’s worth of memories

July 17, 2017 College Sports in Florida

eMonday, 4 a.m. Joe Montana, leading his team to a comeback in Super Bowl XXIII…Reggie Jackson, exploding at the plate in the ’77 World Series. Michael Phelps, splashing his way to another gold medal…Michael Jordan, his tongue hanging out, hitting from the top of the key to claim another NBA title…Serena Williams, stuffing her trophy […]

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Will Zaire gamble pay off for Gators?

June 5, 2017 College Sports in Florida

Monday, 4 a.m. For a moment, for just a moment, he was a star. For a moment, for the flickering of a light, college football’s future seemed to belong to him. Instead, Malik Zaire became a very small deal, an afterthought for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Mostly, he watched. Mainly, he waited. He was […]

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