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Looking back at preseason win over Miami

August 11, 2018 general

Friday, 2 a.m. 5 Observations 1. Yes, the Bucs are better. Even from a practice game, where you can tell little else, you can tell that the talent level has improved. But the NFC South is a beast. We do not yet know if the Bucs can hold up or if they can find a […]

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Bucs need their defense to be strong

August 2, 2018 general

Thursday, 3 a.m. This time, can the defense of the Tampa Bay Bucs save the day? Wait. Don’t laugh. It’s a serious question. Granted, a year ago, you wouldn’t have expected the Bucs to do any saving at all. Tampa Bay had the worst defense in the league, as well as the worst pass rush. […]

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This season, Jackson hopes to provide the sizzle

August 1, 2018 general

Wednesday, 3 a.m. He could hide behind the numbers, which suggest that his first season wasn’t that bad. He could blame the injury to his starting quarterback. He could blame the general underachievement of the offense. But that would be spin control. Everyone knows that DeSean Jackson’s first season with the Tampa Bay Bucs was […]

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Jones will have to earn his carries with Bucs

July 30, 2018 general

Monday, 3 a.m. What we know is this: The Bucs had one of the worst rushing attacks in the NFL a year ago. The incumbent, Doug Martin, now earns his check in Oakland. The Bucs think highly of second-round running back Ronald Jones II. In other words, it’s easy to connect the dots and assume […]

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Pierre-Paul says he’s a complete defensive end

July 29, 2018 general

Sunday, 2 a.m. By trade, he is a pass rusher. By his resume, he is a man who has made his living spinning around offensive tackles, pclosing to the quarterback, disrupting the offense. By definition, he is a difference maker. “But that isn’t all that Jason Pierre-Paul is. Pierre-Paul, the former Giant, has earned his […]

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Can Fitzpatrick win as a Bucs’ backup?

July 28, 2018 general

Friday, 2 a.m. For now, it is his team. For now, his is the voice in the huddle. For now, his is the guide to the offense. For now, he holds the keys to the Bucs’ season in his hands. For now, he is the quarterback. Will Ryan Fitzpatrick be up to the challenge? Content […]

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Winston talks, but offers few details on suspension

July 27, 2018 general

Friday, 3 a.m. If Jameis Winston had stayed in that night, we might be talking about the rebuilt Bucs’ defense instead. If he had kept his hands to himself, we might be talking about whether DeSean Jackson can make more of an impression in his second season. If Winston had not struck a deal with […]

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What will it take for Koetter to save his job?

July 18, 2018 general

Wednesday, 4 a.m. As we speak, they are stacking up the odds at his door. His team isn’t highly regarded. His schedule is tough. His quarterback is suspended. His defense was last in the league a year ago, and no one seems to buy into the improvements. Although the team likes its offensive line, it […]

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Ask Gary: How will Bucs fare without Winston?

June 23, 2018 general

Each week, the readers take over GarySheltonsports.com and play Ask Gary. They send in a question, or a couple, on Thursday night or Friday morning and we all talk about the world of sports. Think of it as a radio show where you don’t have to be on hold. Join us and ask a question, […]

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How much trust did Winston lose with his deal?

June 22, 2018 general

Friday, 4 a.m. We still do not know what he did in that Uber car. Because Jameis Winston is so adept at avoiding discussing details, we probably never will. But this much, we do know. He did not protest his innocence until his last breath. He did not sing his purity from the highest mountain […]

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