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by Gary Shelton on September 15, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Thursday, 6 a.m.

On opening weekend, what surprised you more? That the 49ers won so easily, or that the Seahawks won so closely?

I would have to go with the Rams-49ers game. The Rams losing is one thing, but not to score a point, that’s amazing. Especially given they're in their fifth year under head coach, Jeff Fisher.

The Niners have a whole new coaching staff and a bit of controversy going on in their locker room and with their fans. Something is seriously wrong with the Rams, and they better get it fixed quickly or they may have their new Hollywood fans wishing the Rams would have stayed in the midwest.

Anything else strike you significantly on the first outing? Kansas City's comeback? Detroit's 39 points?

Both those games were very surprising. I will say, the Chargers are notorious for having opponents come back on them, . . . but at home and with that lead? Those are the games that can haunt a team and leave a scar emotionally when they get into a close game or have slight lead going into the fourth quarter. As

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far as the Colts go, I don’t get it. Their head coach is a defensive specialist and they are in the fourth year of their system. To give up that many points at home makes no sense.

Who would Jerry Angelo's Player of the Week be?

Jimmy Garoppolo, hands down. Playing on the road against one of the better NFC teams, on prime time. Without their starting left offensive tackle and premier tight end, who would figure? He showed remarkable poise. The runner-up would be Trevor Siemian, Denver’s quarterback. He played remarkably well in a big game with no experience on his resume. He made plays and didn’t put his team in poor situations by throwing errant passes or doing dumb things with the ball.

The Minnesota Vikings gave up a first- and a fourth-rounder for Sam Bradford, then played Shaun Hill. Does that makes sense?

It does; they got Bradford late. Shaun Hill is a very savvy experienced vet and certainly is more comfortable with their system and the players around him, than Bradford at this point. The Vikings made the trade because they needed another veteran QB. Given where Hill is in his career age-wise, who's to say he won’t get injured. So trading for Bradford made sense on all fronts. He will be their starter in due time.

Darrelle Revis had a tough opening weekend against A.J. Greene. An anomaly or is the end coming fast for Revis?

Revis is still a good corner, but not a special one. He really never came back to his old form after his injury. I don’t understand why the Jets gave him the big contract. There was nothing on tape in Tampa, nor in New England, that said he was still special. Sometimes teams get caught up in a player’s reputation and personality and let it bleed into their evaluations.

One of the weekend's most exciting games was when Oakland went for two and beat New Orleans. But was going for two the right call in most circumstances?

Del Rio made the right call. The way Brees was playing and playing on the road, he did the right thing for his team. As the game wears on the defense gets worn out. To think that they were going into overtime and were going to stop Brees would have been naive. Going for two is a 50-50 proposition. Most of the time you want better odds and don’t take the risk. But again in this situation, 50-50 was a good bet.

The Denver Broncos are answering questions after the way they went after Cam Newton. Are the Broncos a dirty team?

Absolutely not. They played hard and they played fair. Sometimes a quarterback is going to get hit wrong for no other reason than the defensive player couldn’t avoid it. That’s why they have one official specially assigned to protecting the quarterback. The player was penalized and the Panthers got a first down.

One weekend in, and it looks as if the Browns have done it again, passing on Carson Wentz and signing Robert Griffin, who is hurt already. Your thoughts?

I said so many times I’m tired of saying it and tired of picking on the Browns. They just don’t get it. They are the worst organization in football. Their record speaks for itself. To pass on any quarterback with strong traits and high character when you don’t have one is ridiculous. But that’s what the Browns are and they have no one to blame but themselves. Next year they will have the number one overall pick and all those draft picks; if you throw enough darts you eventually have to hit the board.

Jerry's picks:

Tampa Bay at Arizona:

Sorry, Bucs. The Cardinals are going to take it on out somebody.

Jacksonville at San Diego:
San Diego. They were embarrassed nationally. They have to right the ship or they are going to go down with it quickly.

Dallas at Washington

Washington. Dallas is not a good football team and never will be as long as the owner thinks he can do it all.

It's time for our best-of-the-franchise question. Today's team is the Miami Dolphins. Is the best player...

a) Larry Csonka
b) Paul Warfield
c) Bob Griese
d) Dan Marino
e) Jake Scott

"Danny Boy," the best quarterback that ever played who doesn't have a Super Bowl ring. No disrespect to Jim Kelly.

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