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by Gary Shelton on July 29, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Friday, 6 a.m.

No matter what you think of Deflategate, doesn’t it seem odd that Tom Brady will miss as much of this season as Josh Gordon?

Brady’s punishment is very much in line for what he was found guilty of by the commissioner... cheating during a game. I think you're missing the point. They are totally two different situations.

Gordon, for example, has been suspended more games than he’s been eligible to play over his career. Brady’s on the other hand was found guilty of cheating during a game, which to me, is a very

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egregious offense. Remember the commissioner took his time investigating the incident and had an outside retired ex-FBI chief running the investigation.

So no, I don’t think Brady is being unfairly treated. In Gordon’s case, he’s a mess. If there was ever a guy who has earned a lifetime suspension, it would be him.

Former Vikings coach Dennis Green died last week. Any special memories of him? And how good was that 1998 Vikings team of his?

To me, Denny Green never got the credit he deserved given his career.

He was successful on both the college and professional levels. His tree of coaches will rival most any long time head coach. We hired Tony Dungy, who at the time was Green’s defensive coordinator and Brian Billick was his offensive coordinator. Those are just two of the many coaches Green hired during his coaching tenure who went on to bigger and better jobs.

His 1998 team broke the NFL record for most points scored in a regular season. They were great on offense and very good on defense. They were talented and well-coached.

Denny had a way of getting the best out of his players as well as having a very disciplined teams. I was in Tampa at the time while he was in Minnesota as their head coach, and I can tell you playing the Vikings was an absolute sleepless week prior to playing them. I had great respect for him as a coach. He made football a better game. He will be missed, but always remembered for his coaching prowess.

Most likely not to survive traIning camp: Dee Milliner, Alterraun Verner or Justin Gilbert?

I think all of them have to earn a spot this year. To say one is more or less deserving would be just an opinion.

Players who are paid well have to play to expectations or they are replaced by young hungry players who salaries are very team friendly.

Hall of Fame flashback question: Who would you rather have? Deacon Jones or Bruce Smith?

Love them both, but Bruce Smith was a freak of nature. He had size, speed and athleticism. Totally dominating. There were reasons why he was the number one overall pick when he entered the draft.

He could literally take over a game. Smith was as talented a big man as you’d see. The Bills had so many great players that he probably didn’t get the recognition of how great a player he was during his time with the Bills.

Deacon Jones was a sack master. He was on the small size, but moved like a cat. They didn’t record sacks back in his day, so it’s hard to gage his greatness unless you saw him in person, which I was fortunate enough to do.

How does the job of an NFL general manager chance once the prospects are drafted and the free agents are signed?

You move on to exploring what veteran players will let go prior to training camp now that all the draft picks are signed. Teams will let their more expensive vets go, who in all likelihood will not make the team. The reason, they don’t want to run the risk of them getting injured and eating their contracts.

Other than that, watching and evaluating our team’s OTA’s successions and monitoring the progress of players that are rehabbing from off season surgeries, etc. That’s about it.


1. Julius Peppers: Underrated. A superstar with special size and God-given talent as well as a great guy.

2. Chris Ivory: Underrated. He’s a featured back who has bounced around while making good money.

3. Teddy Bridgewater: Rated right. Not elite, but efficient.

5. Aaron Rodgers: Rated right, he’s a future Hall of Famer.

6. Mike Pouncy: Rated right, Special player at his position, but injuries may keep him from having a Hall Of Fame career.

7. LeShaun McCoy: UnderRated. He's a special player, that has to be accounted for. Can hurt you on any down.

If you ran the Denver Broncos, how would you handle the Mark Sanchez-Paxton Lynch situation at quarterback?

I would go into the season with Sanchez as the starter while bringing along Lynch. At some point, Sanchez’s true colors will show and hopefully by then Lynch will ready to go. I have my doubts about Lynch. So the Broncos may be in for a real rodeo show this season.

Maybe someone should explore if Von Miller can throw the ball. He’s going to get paid like a quarterback.

Is that any different from the Philly situation with Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz?

Yes, I think it’s a lot different in Philly. As long as Bradford can stay healthy, he’s fine as a managed quarterback. Obviously, the Eagles would like Bradford to be the starter for the whole season and really have Wentz ready for the following year. They could then trade Bradford or have him as their back-up given he has one more year on his contract.

In either case they come out ahead and with a solid plan in place. The last thing you want to do is throw your young talented quarterback into the fire too early. We’ve seen enough of them burn!

Most likely not to survive training camp: C.J. Spiller, LeGarrette Blount or Arian Foster?

Foster. Injuries have taken their toll.

Today, we evaluate the history of the Denver Broncos. Is their best-ever player:

a. Lyle Alzado
b. John Elway
c. Steve Atwater
d. Floyd Little
e. Terrell Davis

Elway, going away!

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