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by Gary Shelton on April 7, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with “ask the expert” in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Thursday, 6 a.m.

Greg Hardy went into damage control this week and says that he’s never placed his hands on a woman, something that not even former teammate Steve Smith bought. Still, do you think some team takes a chance on him? And if so, will they regret it?

Based on what he did and didn’t do for the Cowboys and the fact they don’t want him back even they have no one in place to replace him, tells you everything you should want to know.

I said this when they signed him: he will be nothing but trouble … and every once in a while I’m right. So no, I don’t see anyone giving

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him money to sign him. Some team might get desperate after the draft and sign him for one year at a nominal price — and they will live to regret it, too.

The old saying “desperate people do desperate things,” is what guys like Hardy count on to survive because they can’t do it own their own merits. They have no character.

Speaking of troubled pass rusher, what did you think the Raiders signing Aldon Smith while he’s suspended?

The verdict is still out on whether or not Smith can still recapture his old form.

He is pathetically dumb and weak-minded when it comes to putting himself at risk and saying no to temptation. The Raiders don’t care about character. The “Just Win Baby,” mantra set by the late Al Davis still rules their thinking. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough good players with character on their team to win, to override the lack of character they continue to sign and resign.

Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds is working out at four positions. The kid is lovable, but can he find a home at one of the spots for the NFL?

It is extremely difficult to make a switch from college to another position in the NFL. The NFL is not where you want to learn and train while learning another position. History says that college quarterbacks with top speed have transitioned to wide receiver or the safety position.

The position where they have most success is at receiver. The likes of Freddie Solomon, Drew Pearson, Duriel Harris, Stephen Starring and Julian Edelman are some who did it and had fine careers. The one thing they all had in common is that could run and run fast.

I see linebacker Sean Witherspoon recently found a game check — worth $138,000 — that he had forgotten to cash.  How rich does a guy have to be before he forgets about a game check?

Wow, that’s pretty unbelievable. I don’t know how rich you have to be. Maybe the better question is how dumb do you have to be not to know you hadn’t cashed it. Really, it’s one thing to forget something like that, but another thing to admit it! Now that’s Dumb, with a capital “D.”

Colin Kaepernick turned down a pay cut to move to the Broncos. Is that a wise career move?

That’s a good question. I would have advised him to do the same thing if he couldn’t somehow make up the money without having to play like Peyton Manning. To me, Denver needs him more than he needs Denver. Denver is a still a very good football team; if they can find someone that can manage the game at quarterback. Right now they have no one in my opinion, and Kaepernick is the closest guy they can get to having one.

Junior Seau is going into the Hall of Fame. He was taken the same year the Bucs took Keith McCants. Why weren’t the Bucs hotter on the trail of Seau?

It’s a long story. For me to tell it, I would need a beer or beers and a big crying towel.

The Hall of Fame speaks for itself. But aside from the Bucs who have made it there, who are the best draft picks in the history of Tampa Bay?

The Bucs have drafted a lot of good players over the years. To say who the best are isn’t hard to do. Just look at the best players on the team when they were winning. I guarantee you, you’re going to come up with some really good names.

When making trades on draft day, how close did you pay attention to the old trade value chart?

We used it as our measure for what we would give up or wanted for a draft pick. We’d use the most current one. So I don’t know about the old one you’re talking about. Unless it’s the same one.

You need something to determine the value of a pick, particularly when you’re on the clock.

Supposedly, there is a 50-50 chance the Titans will trade the No. 1 pick. Is that smoke from a team trying to  drum up interest?

I think they very well could, but only if it’s a team that wants  the same player the Browns want. In that case it will be for one of the two quarterbacks.

There are two consensus quarterbacks that teams will covet on draft day. Some team will need to move up to get either if they are not in the top five picks.

I believe strongly that the Titans will sell their pick. They need as many quality picks as possible. They are a bad football team devoid of talent.

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