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by Gary Shelton on March 11, 2016 · 0 comments

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Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Friday, 10:30 a.m.

Were you as amazed as I was that Denver let Brock Osweiler jump to the Texans? Where do the Broncos look now?

I wasn’t surprised, because I’m not s big fan of Osweiler. He won a handful of games, as their quarterback when Manning was injured.

Let’s not forget that the Broncos defense was the catalyst for the team’s success. There have been a bevy of quarterbacks who came in off the bench  and did what he did.

No one knew him better than the Broncos, so if they didn’t keep him, then that tells me something. Remember the Texans brought in Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer. So, to think they are an authority on the

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position would be a stretch. The Texans are desperate and they have to take risks. What does a coach have to lose if he doesn’t win now.

The movement at defensive end was interesting: Mario Williams to the Dolphins, who let Olivier Vernon go to the Giants, who may lose Robert Ayers to the Bucs. Who’s the best player of the lot?

I would say that it's Williams. He can have the greatest impact given he’s playing opposite a special rusher in Cameron Wake.

Were you surprised that the Bucs jumped on Doug Martin early? He’s had two good years and two bad ones. Is he a good gamble?

I don’t know what they signed him for, but I’m assuming it was quite a bit. I think bringing him back was a good call, but at what price?

He’s a good back, not a special one. When you pay any player special money and he isn’t a legitimate difference maker, then you’ll live to regret the deal. It will be interesting. There were other good backs out there, who could have had a similar impact as Martin. The Bucs offense is built around their quarterback, not their runner. So why pay special money, assuming they did; if they didn’t it was a good deal for them.

Which team’s haul did you like the most in free agency? The Giants, the Texans or the Jags?

I don’t rate teams in the spring based on their free agent signings. I rate them in the fall.

Free agency shouldn’t be about collecting talent. It’s about signing good players who fill needs. You can win and the key, pay them in accordance to their value and abilities. So we’ll know more in December.

Teams that go on these spending sprees usually spend based on desperateness. They grossly overpay and live to regret it. Two of the three teams you mentioned have to win next year or they’re gone. The Giants are a bad team and have been a bad team for a while. They have a poor roster, so anyone they sign is better than what they have, but again don’t mistake activity for achievement.

The Browns have lost four players to free agency. Who knew the Browns had four players anyone else wanted?

You’re right. They are clearly the worst team in football.

No one wants to play there and they have no plan in place that creates hope. They are a hopeless franchise and have been for many years. Their owner will go down as one of the worst owners in the history of the game regardless of his good intentions and willingness to spend. He has made incredibly poor decisions in his short tenure as an owner.

Decision-making's worst enemy is bad advice and he certainly has had his share of it. When a guy doesn’t ‘Get It’, he usually Gets It.

Logan Mankins made the Pro Bowl before he retired. Will the Bucs miss him?

No. Mankins is done. He did the right thing for the Bucs and himself. He was a strong leader and a solid role model, but it’s hard to lead when your time has passed, as his did.

What did you think of the Atalnta Falcons asking several players at the Combine about their sexual preference. Would it matter to you if you were talking about a great player? How about a marginal one?

It doesn't matter who you’re talking to. What they asked was asinine!

A highly inappropriate question and whoever asked the question should have been fined and reprimanded strongly for asking it. How can someone be that dumb in his position given the climate of social media and human rights. has Joey Bosa falling to the Bucs in the NFL draft. As a guy who covered his father John in Miami, I’m not sure that’s a good idea. Your thoughts?

He’s a great player and the Bucs would be a better team with him. This is Joey, not John.

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