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by Gary Shelton on January 1, 2016 · 0 comments

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Thursday, 12:24 p.m.

Jerry Angelo is a former personnel director for the Bucs and former general manager of the Bears. Each week, Angelo answers your questions regarding the NFL. Send your questions to with "ask the expert'' in the subject line. The most interesting question will be selected.

Do you think Chip Kelly’s failing was because he had too much power in Philly? That seems to be a common mistake by owners.

Yes, I do. He had too much power and abused it. More than half of the teams in the league operate under the direction of the head coach in total control.

In my opinion, it’s to hard for one person to be all-knowing. You can be a jack of all trades, but not a master of them. There is

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only one coach that has had that responsibility and withstood the test of time and we know who that is.

In Kelly's case he tried to model himself after Belichick. Creating his team into his image. It may have worked if he didn’t try to do it all at once, once he got control. Change is good when something is broken, but he was making changes for change safe and that’s being cute. When you get cute you lose, because you're feeding your ego. You do things that are not in the best interest of your team. He had no experience in the areas he was given control over. Experience doesn’t make you perfect, but it does guard you against doing things that are totally erroneous.

Obviously the ’72 Dolphins are ecstatic that Carolina lost a game. But don’ t the years — and runs by the Patriots and the Panthers — show just how hard going undefeated is?

Going undefeated is next to impossible, but we do see more teams making a stronger run at it than in the past. One reason the Panthers had a successful run is they are a very disciplined team with an elite quarterback .

Teams that play with their consistency will beat 80% of the teams they play based on that. More than half the teams in the league are playing below .500 football. So there were more bad teams this year. The other component that makes it tough -- you have to stay healthy. Remember when the Dolphins did it they played fewer games.

The other, not talked about fact, is that when the Dolphins did it, there was no free agency. It was easier to keep your team together and create the consistency I was alluding to earlier.

Bill Belichick is being criticized for kicking off to start overtime. Does that ever make sense to you?

No, not really, unless it's Belichick. He’s the only one who can tell you why he did it and you’d probably believe him.

I didn’t see the game, so I can’t judge. But given the fact the receiving team has to score a touchdown to win should make most teams feel pretty good that they are going to get the ball back. And I’m sure they weren’t fearful of the Jets' quarterback Fitzpatrick.

How much of the Bucs six wins are because the team is better, and how much of it is a horrible schedule? Jason Licht says the team will contend for the playoffs in 2016. Do you believe it?

Not from what I saw. They are not a poised team. They commit way, way too many penalties and mistakes in close games.

The coach said they don’t have enough quality players on defense that fit what they want to do. Doug Martin is a free agent. Vincent Jackson is past his prime and Evans has to many critical drop ball. The league was bad this year. More than half the teams in the league played below .500 football. So, if you can’t get to .500 in that atmosphere, why should I believe they will be one of the elite teams next year?

The only true bright spot was the quarterback. He was for the most part, why they won the games they did. He’ll be much better next year, but he takes a lot of hits and plays reckless. That can be good or bad, particularly if he sustains a real injury. The GM has to say what he said, but talk is talk. The only thing I have to go on is what I saw and their record. So I guess my question would be, "Do I believe you or my lying eyes?"

The Bucs need help at defensive end, cornerback and safety. How would you handle their upcoming draft?\

Just get as many quality players as you can, regardless of position. They in all likelihood, after this weekend, will have won 8 games in the last 2 years (8-24). You have a roster issue that goes beyond filling needs.

A lot of fans in Miami are being hard on Dolphins’ quarterback Ryan Tannehill. But how does a general manager handle it when the criticism comes from the wife of one of the players (Mika Grimes).

The expectations for him and the team were very high coming into the year. So, when you fail, as they did, to meet expectations, you’re going to get criticized. I’m sure Tannehill’s wife isn’t real happy with him either. Who likes a loser? Other than his mother, and that’s debatable.

Who are your top five teams in football?

New England

Seattle’s Michael Bennett referred to Rams’ running back as “average.” Does he has a point, or by this point, do you just tune Bennett out?

I tune him out. He may be right sometimes, but he’s wrong most of the time. If you are going to say something negative about an opposing player, it’s probably a good idea to say it after you’ve beaten them.

Who are bottom five teams?

It’s a conga line.

Jerry’s picks

Tampa Bay at Carolina…Carolina

PLAY TO DATE: Carolina
COACHING: Carolina

Raiders at Chiefs...Chiefs


Seahawks at Cardinals…Cardinals

PLAY TO DATE: Cardinals
PERSONNEL: Cardinals
COACHING: Cardinals

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