Ask Gary: Rookie QBs, deflategate and lefty hitters

by Gary Shelton on May 16, 2015 · 2 comments

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Who is the best rookie quarterback you ever saw play on a team you covered (where you worked) other than Dan Marino? Why?

Ed Scott

You've found a weak spot in my career. I really haven't been blessed with covering a lot of great rookie quarterbacks in my time in Columbus, Ga., Miami and St. Petersburg. I've had Bruce Gradkowski and Sean King and Josh Freeman. I guess the best one I've been around was back when I was a baby in this business.

It was Steve Bartkowski, a streaky quarterback taken overall No. 1 by the Atlanta Falcons in 1975. God, that was 40 years ago. Bart, as I remember, was a streaky guy who wasn't good enough to lift up his team. He was only 55-66 with Atlanta, and his only real keeper year was in 1980. The Bucs should want more from Jameis Winston than that.

Marino had his rookie year before I got to Miami. Dilfer was awful. Freeman had

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Chris Adams May 16, 2015 at 12:30 pm

As far as Brady punishment, remember Richard Nixon wasn’t impeached because of the act of Watergate but for his cover up. Brady punishment is for the act, the cover up and his arrogance in attacking the league rather than choosing to come clean and apologize. I predict Roger Goodell will end up the winner with fans for reinforcing that discipline applies to golden boys as well as to rank and file players who don’t have his advantages and a supermodel wife.


Rick Martin May 16, 2015 at 11:33 am

Of course, I asked my question (trade Longo) the day after a loss vs NYY and the loss of Smyly. Right now it appears that being 1 or 2 games out is being accomplished by way of smoke and mirrors. The Rays are playing way above anyone’s expectations now. The skeptic in me says that the house of cards will fall soon – hopefully not. But you’re right – Longoria is the last guy you’d want to let go. But I can’t see this starting pitching staff (Archer, Odorizzi, Karns, et al) keeping their fingers in the dykes much longer……


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