Random Thoughts: Bucs look familiar to McCown

by Gary Shelton on August 30, 2015 · 0 comments

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Hello. I'm Josh McCown, and I'll tell you. I recognize these Bucs.

– I'll see your Eight Men Out, and I'll counter with Pete Rose, Lance Armstrong, Tanya Harding, Marion Jones, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens,  Mark McGwire and O.J. Simpson. Say it ain't so, my eye.

– In the case of Robert Griffin III vs. the concussion, am  I the only one who gets the feeling the Redskins are pulling for the concussion?

– Sorry to hear that John Daly took ill and collapsed on the course Saturday night. I didn't think he had anything in common with Tiger.

– Talk all you want about how many games he won, but the Lightning's Ben Bishop isn't among the top 10 goalies in EA"s list for NHL 16.

–Wonder what Stamkos' holdout rating will be?

– The only surprising thing about Sarah Palin blasting ESPN over the suspension of Curt Schilling? She spelled it right.

– He's coming back for his 67th season. Ever think Vin Scully gets tired of baseball? Of course, I watched the early years of the Bucs, and that counts as about 50.

– I'm sure it's just me, but I struggled to remember the name of the horse that won the Triple Crown this year. Do you remember? It's American Pharaoh, and I'd feel worse if he wasn't chasing a horse named Keen Ice across the finish line.

–  Can the Bucs please bring back Cincinnati?

– I guess Illinois coach Tim Beckman has some time on his hands, huh?

– Of all the former Rays' pitchers in the big leagues, who knew Jonny Gomes would be on the list? Put it this way: A hit batter might charge the mound and realize Jonny was on it, then turn and charge the other direction.

– For auction: Michael Jordan's original uniform from Space Jam, for only $15,000. No word on what Gabe Kapler wants for the tie he wore in The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh.

– So Marshawn Lynch wants to talk to the media now? About what? Immigration? Health care? Education?

– Russell Wilson said he was cured from a head injury by magic water. Usually, liquid causes the head to hurt. And it isn't water.

– Is it too late for Jameis Winston to declare that he's going back to FSU?

– I wonder what Kevin Sumlin would tweet out about Tim Beckman.

– Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett said he wasn't pouting over not being named the starter when he missed practice Thursday. He just overslept. Same thing happened to Josh Freeman about, oh, 48 times.

– Bryce Petty ordered chain-food pizza and gets ripped by the fans. Hey, someone has to be the pizza noid.

– The Arizona Diamondbacks have officially adopted a kind of muscular hamster as the team mascot. There was no word from Doug Martin.

– I can understand the Rays not pitching. I can understand them not hitting. But it's hard to understand a lack of mental focus on the base paths when the season is on the line, isn't it?



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