Miami squashed by Clemson in ACC title game

by Gary Shelton on December 3, 2017 · 10 comments

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Sunday, 2 a.m.

Yay. They got a field goal.

For the Miami Hurricanes, that was at least something. After all, the Hurricanes kicked their field goal with 3:29 to play, and it brought them back to within five touchdowns in a 38-3 loss to Clemson.

Miami felt it had a puncher's chance coming into the ACC

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championship game, but the Miami offense never showed up. UM trailed 14-0 after one period and 38-0 after three.

The Hurricanes threw for only 110 yards and ran for only 104. The Hurricanes averaged just 1.9 yards per rush. Clemson piled up 334 yards in the victory.

“This team did something that's never been done before here at the U,” Mark Richt said following the loss. “This whole rise is a learning process. Certainly tonight, we'll learn some things, we'll understand a little bit better what it might take to become a champion in this league.

It was the second straight loss for Miami after it won its first 10 games of the season.

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Larry Beller December 3, 2017 at 9:58 pm

If my proposal was adopted the CFP tournament would have Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, Ohio State, USC and the winner of the Alabama vs UCF At Large game seeded for the next round. Wisconsin and all the other losers in the in the conference championship games would be eliminated. Clemson and Ok get a bye to the New Years Day bowl games as the top seeds. The other 4 play an elimination game this Sat. The winners play against the bye teams on New Years day.

Did you notice the Rose Bowl is one of the CFP sites for the first round? That means not only is the Big Ten and the Pac-12 not represented in the national playoffs but they are also kicked out of the major bowl game traditionally reserved for their 2 conference champions. The ultimate insult right? College football is becoming a southern sport.


Gary Shelton December 4, 2017 at 12:42 am

Larry, we’re going to (respectfully) disagree. Big surprise, huh? I don’t like your formula as it applies to this year’s teams.

Start with this: I don’t think byes work — period — because of the long layoff between games. Give a team an extra week off, and you might be punishing them more than rewarding them.

Then there is this: Ohio State is out because it deserves to be out. It lost by a million to Iowa. USC is out because it deserves to be out. It was killed by an average Notre Dame team. Both teams lost twice. It’s silly to give either school a shot at a national title simply because they were the best of a bad lot.

I don’t understand how you get Alabama (fourth) playing UCF (12th). According the seedings, that wouldn’t happen. Alabama is ranked higher than Ohio State (and it should be).

As for UCF, you have a lot more expanding to do before a non-power five team is going to get to dance. Heck, they’re still behind Auburn, And the purpose is just to ask a lot of also-rans to the tournament, well, I can live without it.

Oh, well. That’s why men disagree; otherwise, one of them is not necessary.

I’m not sure I’d call the absense of Big Ten-Pac 12 “the ultimate insult.” There have been a few non-traditional games.(Texas-Alabama, Texas-Southern Cal, Miami-Nebraska, etc.) It survived.

What I would like to see is a scheduling committee that takes that part of it out of the equation. Alabama played far too many soft touches this year. I say we take scheduling out of the teams’ hands and centralize it. Maybe I’ll write about that next week.

Oh, well. I’m sure we’ll disagree again. It’s part of the fun.


Larry Beller December 4, 2017 at 5:40 am

I think you are right about the scheduling part. Alabama with St Nick is carefully crafting a schedule where the maximum number of losses they can have in any year with their normal powerhouse team is 1. That’s as long as the SEC just fields 3 or so decent teams like they are now. That could change of course. “Bama doesn’t play anybody on the road except traditional SEC rivals as is required by the league schedule. So we agree the scheduling issue is the major problem. I agree with you also that Ohio State is not as strong this year either. But ALL teams have flaws this year. Oklahoma doesn’t play defense. Clemson lost to Syracuse who did not beat anybody else other than some slugs. And on and on.

Ok so getting Alabama to play UCF is not perfect but remember I’m basing my plan on all the power 5 teams sending 1 representative to the tournament (the conference champion). Also I’m trying to reward a non-power 5 team who had a great season. I’m a committee of 1 in this plan. Notre Dame is not in my playoff picture. Don’t confuse the issue here. And don’t forget that ALL teams have to wait nearly a month to play another game so the bye works in my plan and that part of your argument is not valid.

You have to realize Gary that most people don’t want to see 2 SEC teams in a 4 team playoff. Shocking I know but it’s true for all non-SEC fans and fans in the other parts of the country. I know you can’t fathom that but I believe it’s true. So that’s why my plan works. Fans from all over the country are involved. TV ratings go up. It would work Gary. Look how popular the college basketball tournament is. All kinds of teams are in that tournament who don’t belong truly belong but it works and is enormously popular. Should we replace it with a committee to pick the top 4 teams who are really the best teams? NO.

My CFP is not a plan for a purist like yourself. You are in the forest and can’t see the trees. But that’s ok. The committee is giving us what they determined to be the best teams. But as for me, I’m out. I don’t care which SEC team wins. It’s just not important to me.

But hey it’s been fun chatting about it you. We’ll probably do it again next year, lol.


Larry Beller December 4, 2017 at 8:28 am

I misread what you said about Notre Dame so disregard my comment on them.

Also what I was saying about the ultimate insult was intended to mean that Ohio State and USC don’t get to play their traditional Rose Bowl game in the Rose Bowl. They have to go to the Cotton Bowl which for people like me who looked forward to that traditional game for so many years is an insult of sorts. I still remember when the Rose Bowl was considered the Grand Daddy of all the bowl games but few care about that nowadays. The CFP has moved on from those traditional games and that’s not all bad. It just struck me as ironic how it worked out this year.

Your comments are well reasoned and make total sense. My CFP makes sense to me because I’m trying to broaden the scope of the program without cheapening it. 8 teams are really not necessary when you include the conference championship games as a qualifying round. A lot of good teams are eliminated there. But I still needed 1 more team to qualify to have an even number for the quarterfinal round and as a committee of 1 my solution is to have an At Large game which this year would pit Alabama against UCF. I’m throwing out the committees rankings to create that game and give a non-power 5 team an opportunity to play with the big boys.

No plan is perfect. I admit mine has flaws too but I like it better than what we have now.


Gary Shelton December 4, 2017 at 4:26 pm

That’s all that matters. If you’re happy, it’s cool.

I was talking about the Grandaddy of them all, too. I remember covering Miami-Nebraska, which was for Miami’s national title. to me, that was a pretty big game. But some of the writers weren’t happy. Remember, the Rose Bowl didn’t start off as Big Ten-Pac 12, and it had several years where it wasn’t that way.

Gary Shelton December 4, 2017 at 7:22 pm

I agree that most teams don’t want to see two teams from one conference when only four get to go. If you had one grand wild-card from the power five conferences, and it was picked fairly, I think America could live with it. (It almost had it last year if Penn State had gotten picked). Most pro leagues use wild cards these days; America is used to the notion. I just don’t think America wants one conference shoved at it all the time.

I’ll give Alabama credit for at least playing FSU. It wasn’t Alabama’s fault that FSU stunk; and with Deondre Francois at quarterback, they probably would have stunk less. But a lot of schools play powder-puff competition. Miami did this year, too. Nebraska has a habit of playing Pacific and the like. And the SEC schools get fat off Louisiana’s directional teams.

The NFL doesn’t let teams schedule their own games. They have a formula. It wouldn’t take much for college sports to do the same. Play only the six major conferences (counting the American). Play the correlary of where you finished (SEC fourth place plays ACC fourth place), etc. It won’t solve every problem, but you wouldn’t be able to schedule 10 wins in the a.d.’s office.

I’m not aiming at one school or one conference. But if schedules get even, results will get even, too. Right?


Larry Beller December 3, 2017 at 7:35 am

The playoff teams are coming into focus. Clemson and Oklahoma will be a lock. Georgia should be too. But there is going to be some controversy over the 4th team. Who do you think the committee will favor, Alabama or OSU?


Gary Shelton December 3, 2017 at 1:46 pm

I wrote this morning. I’d pick Alabama. Ohio State got in without a conference title last year. I just can’t get over that they were blammoed twice.


Larry Beller December 3, 2017 at 8:43 pm

I’m ok with that. Being a Michigan fan I could never root for Ohio State.


Gary Shelton December 3, 2017 at 8:56 pm

You know, you were pretty close to right on it, though. Saturday was like a round of eight. Auburn was eliminated. Wisconson. TCU. And Ohio State.

I wonder how the field would look if they had an eight-team bracket. Would the big conferences take them all up? You know Wisconsin would get in, and Southern Cal. Maybe Ohio State. UCF might sneak in, but it might not according to the rankings.


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