Random thoughts: Rays offer nothing in playoff race

by Gary Shelton on August 13, 2017 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 4:30 a.m.

Now that the Bucs have let go of Roberto Aguayo, is anyone else concerned with him driving out of the facility? I mean, don't you have to be straight to drive?

– Can someone take the Rays' last strike?

– Maybe their last two? And bring in the fences?

– I'm a bigger Tim Tebow guy than most folks, but have you seen that new commercial where Tebow almost runs over several SEC mascots? The guy drives like he played NFL quarterback.

– Mike Glennon, who is making the same salary as Tom Brady this year, threw a touchdown pass on his second attempt. Sadly, it was to the wrong team.

– Forget Cracker Jack. The Rays should get an endorsement deal with Zero candy bars.

– So I hear that Jerry Jones is furious at the suspension of Ezekiel Elliott. Go get 'em. I hope he's so mad he turns in his Hall of Fame jacket.

– Coming soon, the official bat of the Tampa Bay Rays: The Louisville Slumper.

– CBSsports.com, in trying to play out the upcoming season, says the Bucs will finish 9-7 with a first-round playoff loss to Atlanta. However, it also says the Bucs will lose to Miami (and Jay Cutler) in week one.

– Every now and then,  I start to feel for Jerry Jones over losing one of his best players to suspension. Then I remember how he told us what a stand-up guy Greg Hardy is. Butch and Sundance had nothing on the Jerry Gang.

– If I ran the Bucs, I wouldn't be concerned that my team missed an extra point last night. You cut the culprit. I would be concerned that there was only one opportunity.

– Frankly, Ronda Rousey needs a return to the UFC like she needs a kick in the head.

– No Ryan Tannehill. No Sammy Watkins. No Brandon Marshall. Is the rest of the NFC East trying to make New England go undefeated?

– Personally, I look at the Jets and Bills and think of the scene in Sgt. Bilko where both boxers try to tank. Not saying either team is trying to take a dive, but I think both want Greg Louganis as offensive coordinator.

– Have the Tampa Bay Rays forgotten to take a left turn at third?

– Leonard Fournette averages 3.5 yards per carry and says the NFL is easy. Didn't Blaine Gabbert say that first?

– I keep reading that Roberto Aguayo was the worst draft pick in history? Really? Worse than Ryan Leaf? Worse than JaMarcus Russell? Heck, I think Aguayo was better than Booker Reese, Dexter Jackson and Eric Curry. But not being the worst doesn't mean he was good.

– Roger Goodell takes a lot of guff (and some of it deservedly so), but why criticize him because he suspended a star of his old buddy Jerry Jones? I'd have more of a problem if Goodell didn't suspend him.

– While everyone is in a rush to overstate the failure of Aguayo (he was terrible, okay) by calling it the worst draft pick of all time, TheBigLead.com points out that there were 15 second-round  draft picks between 1978 and 2014 who never played a down in the NFL. The Chiefs took Mike Elkins and Matt Blundin the 2nd round between 1989 and 1992. They combined to play in 4 games, completing 3 passes to their own team and 3 to the opponent. They started zero combined games. In other words, those analysts missed. You know, like Aguayo.

– If your basketball team trades a fortune for Kyrie Irving, do you get assurances he'll talk to his new teammates? Hello? Hello?

– In the end, Roberto Aguayo failed because he couldn't kick. It was spotlighted by his draft position, but in the end, that had little to do with it.

– Jeffrey Loria. Hugh Culverhouse. Bill Bidwill. Art Williams. Donald Sterling. Ted Stepien. Takashi Okobu. Vince Naimoli. Mike Brown. Oren Koules. Johnny Haslem. So who wins a tournament of the bad owners of sports?

– When the Rays let the kids run the bases today, maybe some of their hitters should take part. You know, just to make sure home plate is still there.

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