Seferian-Jenkins among Bucs’ all-disappointments?

by Gary Shelton on June 15, 2016 · 0 comments

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Wednesday, 6 a.m.

First things first.

Who ticks you off more: Jerramy Stevens or Austin Seferian-Jenkins?

Who makes you blood boil at the thought of them in a Tampa Bay Bucs' uniform? Which waste of talent offends you the most? Who would like you to forget faster?

Seferian-Jenkins is the guy who has your attention the most, of course. He's a current Buc, and thus the disappointment is fresh. The frequent injuries, the brain cramps, the inability to learn the playbook. It's all maddening stuff, considering the new start the team is trying to manage. Coach Dirk Koetter could cut Seferian-Jenkins tomorrow, and no one would blink. We'd just check Twitter to see how he said goodbye.

Granted, Seferian-Jenkins tried as hard as he could to fall on the

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sword Tuesday. He took the blame, saying he was not prepared, that Koetter was "100 percent right."

"I was asked to leave, like I said before, and Coach was one hundred percent right in doing what he was doing, and I stand right behind my coach and what he did," said Seferian-Jenkins. "It's tough. You love the game, and unfortunately I was not prepared. I'm going to be prepared, I'm prepared and I won't let it happen again.

"Like I said before, there's a certain standard that has been set here and we're trying to continue to raise the bar. How I do that is meet the standard, come to work ready, prepared and ready to do what I'm asked to do, and everything will be fine."

Seferian-Jenkins sounded sincere, so maybe that's enough for you. Not much was lost except a forgettable practice in June.

Also, Stevens was truly a lousy human being, one of the worst non-murderers who ever played the game. Yeah, he was disappointing, because he was an affront to the fans every day he put on the uniform. In his past, he had been accused of sexual assault, physical assault, drugs and driving his truck into a nursing home.

Still, Stevens joined the Bucs for no price at all. You can quibble that they signed him twice, but his stint wasn't long. There is that.

Will Seferian-Jenkins' be? He apologized, too, for some of his sophomoric retorts to fans.

"It was a lapse of judgment," Seferian-Jenkins said. "Obviously it was not a good day. I was sent off the field. I was frustrated. I can't take it out on the fans. That's not fair to them at all. All they want is a winner, all they want is me to be successful, all they want me to be is great. They just want me to get ready and I respect that. For any of the fans I offended, I'm sorry. I can't wait to get to work and be the best tight end I can be for you guys."

In the end, we all need to be convinced that Seferian-Jenkins has more Jimmie Giles to him than he does Stephens. But, no, I can't say he's a bigger disappointment than Stephens. Certainly not yet.

When it comes to disappointments, the Bucs have a huddle filled with them. So how about it. Who are the most disappointing Bucs of them all?

At quarterback, there are several options. Vinny Testaverde lost more games than anyone. Steve Spurrier was winless. Jack Thompson was a wasted trade. But for sheer disappointment, it's hard to beat Josh Freeman. Yeah, he had a good year or two. But that's precisely why it was so disappointing to see him play his way out of the NFL. Greg Schiano bounced him, and Freeman has been bouncing ever since.

Running back? It's hard to get more disappointing than Bo Jackson, who is still holding out from the Bucs. Oh, Jackson could play – he showed that with the Raiders. But he didn't play here. Then there was Derrick Ward, who walked into the locker room and announced he only talked to the media on Thursday, a gutsy move for a guy who couldn't even start. The Bucs couldn't get rid of Ward fast enough.

Defensive ends? For most franchises, Keith McCants and Gaines Adams would be cinches for the team. Here, they even make the team.

It goes on and on. Booker Reese and Charles McRae, Alvin Harper and Kenyatta Walker. Eric Curry and Mark Barron, Sabby Piscatelli and Dexter Jackson, Toast Jones and Michael Clayton. Linebacker Keith Browner once fell asleep on the bench. You can defy any franchise to match the disappointments.

So here we go:

The worst of the worst. The Bucs' All-Disappointment team

QB – Josh Freeman...2010 showed how good he should have been.
RB – Bo Jackson...The Bucs couldn't even get him signed.
RB – Derrick Ward...A free-agent fizzle in 2009 with one start.
WR – Alvin Harper...Could never become a No. 1 receiver.
WR – Dexter Jackson...A No. 2 draft choice who never caught a pass.
OT-- Charles McRae...At the end of the day, he hated football.
OT – Kenyatta Walker...Bucs moved up for him, and he couldn't play.
OG – Carl Nicks...Talented signee who couldn't play because of MRSA.
OG – Ray Snell...One of the early Bucs' busts.
C – Dan Ryceck...The Bucs have actually had pretty good centers.
TE – Jeramy Stevens...Disappointing every time he took the field.

DE – Eric Curry...A No. 1 pick who fizzled.
DE – Booker Reese...The worst draft pick in the history of the Bucs.
DT – Brian Price...A No. 2 pick who lasted only two years.
DT – Ryan Sims...Lasted four years, had 3.5 sacks.
LB – Demetrius DuBose...Looked as if he should be an All-Pro.
LB – Keith Browner...Once fell asleep on the bench.
LB – Cato June...A Pro Bowler with Colts, you barely noticed him here.
DB – Rod Jones...His nickname, Toast, says it all.
DB – Tim Wansley...Wansley was the worst player in the worst loss.
S – Sabby Piscatelli...Chased receivers across many goal lines.
S – Mark Barron...The Bucs took him over Luke Kuechley.

K – Kyle Brindza...Simply awful kicker backfired on the Bucs.
P – Reggie Roby...Great leg didn't make it to Tampa.

Coach – Leeman Bennett...Won four games in two years and was surprised he was fired.

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