Random Thoughts: Is Brady among most hatable?

by Gary Shelton on May 22, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hello. I'm Russell Wilson, and in today's commencement speech, I'm going to talk about winning an Academy Award, being a congressman and Saving Private Ryan. What? These things are supposed to be true?

– USA puts the Bucs at 7.5 wins this year but predicts they will go over.

– Some polls amaze me. Did you see that Tom Brady finished fifth in a Sporting News list of most hated players behind Michael Vick, Terrell Owens, Ndamukong Su and Greg Hardy. Brady is in front of Ray Lewis, Bill Romanowski, Ben Roethlisberger, Pacman Jones and Adrian Peterson. According to the list, Brady is more hated than Johnny Manziel, Albert Haynesworth, Richie Incognito.

– The only former Buc mentioned was Keyshawn Johnson at No. 31.

– Marco Rubio, busy not running for president, wants to put a statue of Tim Tebow outside the U.S. Capitol. Supporters want to put the real thing there.

– There is a reason that Bill Belichick passed Kevin Faulk every day for three years without saying “good morning.” What's so good about it?

– Love the plan of the Falcons to sell hot dogs for $2, fries for $3 and refillable sodas for $2. If only you could eat while watching, say, New England, it would be a big deal.

– There is a fun feature on the USA Today website talking about the “most embarrassing jersey” to own for each NFL team. The Bucs had Josh Freeman. Seems to me that Booker Reese, Dexter Jackson, Sabby Piscatelli, Byron Leftwich and Vinny Testaverde have to be in the conversation. But, uh, I'd kind of like that Bo Jackson one hanging there.

– No O.J. Simpson for the Bills, however. No Aaron Hernandez for the Patriots. No Darren Sharper for the Saints. Someone isn't thinking hard enough.

– Don't you wonder what the Bucs would have done if the tear in Jalen Ramsey's knee had caused him to slide and the team had a choice between Ramsey and Vernon Hargreaves? Me, too.

– Did you read about the fan who bet $9,000 on the Bucs to win the Super Bowl – this year — at 60-1 odds? Just so you know that discovering life on Mars, Steven Seagal winning an academy award and Vanilla Ice winning a Grammy are all at 50-1.

– Of all the Bucs taken high in the last three drafts, which player is least likely to get a second contract? Besides Austin Seferian-Jenkins, that is.

– NFL.com has the Bucs' projected starters. It does not include No. 1 draft pick Vernon Hargreaves. I guess last year's corners were just too talented.

– Tim Tebow is working on a book. Every night, he burns the midnight oil trying to finish, burning through page after page.  To be fair, I'm not talking about the one he's writing. I'm talking about the one he's reading.

– Michael Bennett, the king of holding his breath for every nickel, has ripped Sam Bradford for pouting after the Eagles drafted Andrew Wentz. I suggest a silly-off at 10 paces.

–This is genius. The new collectible in New York is a Bartolo Colon figure. Complete with a bobble-stomach. The Kardashians are expected to respond at any moment.

– This year, so many quarterbacks pulled out of the Pro Bowl that Jameis Winston took part. If the league really moves the game to Orlando, so many may pull out that Mike Glennon will take part.

– Remember when the daughter and grandchildren of Saints' owner Thomas Benson tried to have him declared mentally incompetent? After hearing him say they tried to kill him, I think their point is proven.

– I don't understand the fuss over Jason Licht saying the Bucs have given first-round grades to seven players the last two years. After all, this is the franchise that gave first-round grades to Josh Freeman, Charles McRae, Kenyatta Walker,Eric Curry and Keith McCants. The grading system is kind of messed up.


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