Random Thoughts: Fast horse named for slow player

by Gary Shelton on May 8, 2016 · 0 comments

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hi. I'm Islanders coach Jack Capuano, and I have this to say about the Islanders' series with the Lightning: Waaaah.

– Oscar De La Hoya says that Donald Trump cheats at golf. Yeah, so did the original Goldfinger, and he still carried Fort Knox.

–  A Red Wing? The Derby winner has speed, and it's named after a Red Wing?

–  They could have named a horse after Justin Abdelkader, but he would have run another horse into the railing.

–  Zac Blair was disqualified for bending his own putter around his skull. Usually, it's my partner's skull I want to use.

– Come to think of it, Justin Bieber may be the only thing keeping the Islanders afloat in this series.

–  Tom Brady has a cookbook, which costs only $200. No word if it has a recipe for cheeseburgers.

–  Did Mr. Ed run in this year's Derby?

– It still strikes me as odd that the Islanders play in Brooklyn. When New Yorkers talk about spending the weekend in the Islands, are they talking about Brooklyn.

–  So it's Mahi-Mahi that causes Laremy Tunsil to overdose.

–  Is it settled? Is Jerry Sandusky the worst human being to be associated with college football ever? I mean, ever?

–  The cool thing about Michael Phelps' newborn son? Evidently, he has his father's gills.

–  I'm confused. The Bucs were one of the teams that was picked to finish “over'' their projection of 7.5 wins. And the CBSsportsline has nice things to say. Still, Tampa Bay is ranked only 26th in the power rankings.

–  Sam Bradford is going to retire and walk away from money? Right. And pro wrestling is real.

–  I really don't care which dart which draft site throws at the Bucs for next year. I am intrigued by where the sites have the Bucs going. According to different sites, the Bucs will pick fifth, sixth and ninth.

– Tiger Woods is no longer is the top 500 in the world. He's down to 508, which makes him the Jar Jar Binks of the golf world.

– After TSA did an improper search of Amy van Dyken (and apologized), isn't it comforting to know how safe we all are in Denver? But don't you wonder how many former Olympic heroes in wheelchairs are on the suspect list?

–  Did you see that Aaron Hernandez wants $82,000 from a workout clause while with the Patriots. For February, that would have kept him in ammunition.

–  NFL Hall of Famer Rod Woodson says the best rookie cornerback is … Vernon Hargreaves. Which is a pretty good endorsement.

–  Caitlyn Jenner will pose nude wrapped in a U.S. Flag. But who is going to break it to Betsy Ross?

– Don't you wish Jerry Sandusky had run into Aaron Hernandez along the road?

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