A quick quiz on sports in Tampa Bay

by Gary Shelton on March 16, 2016 · 0 comments

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Wednesday, 6 a.m.

How well do you know Tampa Bay sports?

Pick up your No. 2 pencil. Keep your eyes on your own paper.

1. Why are the Tampa Bay Rays traveling to Cuba?

a.). To make fun of Fidel Castro's beard.

b.). To look for bullpen help.

c,). To help further American-Cuban relations.

d.). To declare Havana a part of Tampa and look for a new stadium site.

2. The Lightning has played well on the road lately.

a.). because there is less pressure away from home.

b.). no morning chores from the wives.

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c.). That astronaut guy is getting kind of old.

d.). Great idea: Mints on pillows.

3. Personally, I can't wait...

a.). To see what Miko Grimes says as about the pass rush on Twitter.

b.). To read what Miko Grimes says about Jameis Winston on Facebook.

c.). To find out what Miko Grimes says about Doug Martin on Instagram.

d.). To learn how Miko Grimes and Bo Jackson discuss Hugh Culverhouse's remains on tumbler.

4. Doug Martin's finish in the NFL rushing stats this year will be:

a.). First.

b.). Second.

c.). 16th.

d.). Injured.

5. Chris Archer's victories in 2016:

a.). 15.

b.). 13.

c.). 18.

d.). Forgettable.

6. The Lightning's final offer to Steven Stamkos:

a.). $8.5 million.

b.). $9.75 million.

c.). $11 million.

d.). A post-card and a part-time job as Thunder Bug.

7.  The best part about Lovie Smith's new job?

a.). The fight song.

b.). Recruiting against Jim Harbaugh.

c.). Matching wits with Urban Meyer.

d.). Comparing notes with Greg Schiano.

8. How many home runs will Evan Longoria have this year?

a.). 29.

b.). 14.

c.). 31

d.). What's a home run?

9. Next headline about Jonathan Drouin?

a.). When he's brought up from Syracuse.

b.). When he's traded to Calgary.

c.). When he is voted captain at Syracuse.

d.). When he decides it would be smart to hold out a little longer.

10. How many sacks will Robert Ayers have this year?

a.). 9.5.

b.). 12.

c.). 3.7, his career average.

d.). A darned sight more than George Johnson.

11. Who will lead the Rays' in home runs?

a.). Corey Dickerson.

b.). Kevin Kiermaier.

c.). Steve Pearce.

e.). Brad Boxberger (allowed).

12. Who will win Tampa Bay's next coach of the year award.

a.). Kevin Cash

b.). Jon Cooper

c.). Dirk Koetter

d.). Dirk Koetter's replacement.

13. Jameis Winston's season-definining statistic will be

a.) 17 interceptions.

b.) 22 touchdowns.

c.). 4,400 yards.

d.). nine wins.

14. If Steven Stamkos leaves, the Lightnings leader in goals next season will be.

a.). Nikita Kucherov, with 29.

b.). Taylor Johnson, with 26.

c.).Ondrej Palat, with 22.

d.). Jonathan Drouin, with 11.

15. The Rays' next stadium will be:

a.). At the Fairgrounds.

b.). At the Trop.

c.). Downtown Tampa.

d.). Montreal.

16. The Bucs decided to raise ticket prices by 24 percent because:

a.). Tickets are still very affordable.

b.). Because they have too darned many fans.

c). Sunstroke doesn't come cheap

d). 25 percent just sounded like too much.

17. Which infamous Tampa Bay athlete would you like to see return.

a.) Josh Freeman

b.). B.J. Upton

c.). Dino Ciccarelli.

d.). Sabby Piscatelli.

18. The former athlete who best represents the face of Tampa Bay.

a.). David Price.

b.). Warren Sapp.

c.). Martin St. Louis.

d.). Derrick Brooks

19. The best player in Tampa Bay is

a.). Jameis Winston

b.). Kevin Kiermaier

c.). Steven Stamkos.

d). Phil Esposito (retired).

20. The all-time best coach in Tampa Bay is:

a.) John Tortorella.

b.) Joe Maddon

c.). Tony Dungy.

d.). Jon Gruden.

21. If you're telling someone about the bizarre nature of Tampa Bay sports,  your story starts with:

a.). Hugh Culverhouse.

b.). Vince Naimoli.

c.). Art Williams

d.) Bo Jackson.

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