Random Thoughts: Can O.J. find real killer now?

by Gary Shelton on March 6, 2016 · 1 comment

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Sunday, 6 a.m.

Hi. I'm O.J. Simpson, and there is good news out there. I have a new lead in the search for the real killer.

– Does anyone have a mirror?

– I was at dinner once with Bud Collins, who always thought he was center ring at the circus. He would bring candy bars to the press room every day. He shared laughs and antidotes with everyone whether he had just met you or had known you for decades. And even though his pants were out of Don Cherry's wardrobe, everyone loved Bud.

– And as long as we're talking about loss, the death of Pat Conroy was hard to take. If you want to keep it about sports, My Losing Season was terrific. But the Prince of Tides is the story of my life.

– So if the NFL doesn't care if a player is gay, why are the Atlanta Falcons asking Eli Apple (and, reportedly, others) about the possibility? All that heterosexuality has really helped the Falcons in the standings, hasn't it?

– Reminds me that in the early 90s, the Bucs had a public relations director who asked me about a player in the upcoming draft. He told me the word was that the kid was gay. My response? If he's gay, you should get him a date, because your safeties are awful.

– Are we supposed to be surprised that Tom Coughlin is irked at the Giants? Heck, if I was Coughlin, I'd still be irked at the Jaguars.

– Contest time: Who is the Bucs' worst-ever draft choice: a) Booker Reese, b) Vinny Testaverde, c) Gaines Adams, d) Sabby Piscatelli, e) Dexter Jackson, f) Josh Freeman, g) Trent Dilfer, h) Kenyatta Walker, i) Brian Price, k) Keith McCants, l) Lars Tate, m) Eric Curry, n) Charles McRae, o) Michael Clayton, p) Mark Barron, q) Chris Simms. Any others?

– Ah, I love it when baseball front offices think. The Brooklyn Cyclones will have a Full House giveaway in July, complete with an Uncle Jesse bobblehead.

– Anyone for a Saved by the Bell bobblehead?

– One question about Ben Simmons being ineligible to win the Wooden Award. How, exactly, do you become eligible?

– USA Today wonders if Joey Bosa is “too chill” for the NFL. If he uses phrases like “too chill,” I think the answer is yes.

– Marvin Harrison doesn't say much. He did shut up Terrell Owens, though, which may be the best route he has run in years.

– I'd pass on Roddy White if I was the Bucs. But is there a deal that can be made with Mario Williams? Worth a film study and maybe a Simeon Rice one-year-bargain contract.

– I don't care how big a bust he was, it's a shame that Albert Haynesworth almost died. But who ever suspected that his brain would be the culprit.

– Poor Jenrry Mejia. He says baseball set him up to get his lifetime ban. Put it this way: not even A-Rod got life, and no one tried harder.

– The Jets have lost Kyle Brindza to a ruptured Achilles' tendon. I understand he missed the hospital bed to the left.

– I don't care what anyone says. Lovie Smith can be the next Ron Zook at Illinois.

– Holly Holm, we barely knew ye.




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Cecil DeBald March 6, 2016 at 8:19 am

Pat Conroy will be missed for sure, I knew many Bull Meechums in the Corps, some loved by their families, some not so much. But everyone could identify with Bull, and with Ben. And Charles McRae probably disappointed me the most, I really thought he was going to be great – and for the life of me, I can’t remember why I felt that way!



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