Random Thoughts: Freeman gets another shot

by Gary Shelton on January 3, 2016 · 0 comments

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So who do you feel sorry for? The Colts, who now employ Josh Freeman? Or the guys who weren't good enough to beat out Freeman?

– In hindsight, at least the Gators were as good as Michigan State.

– Everyone can plead for Nick Saban to smile, but frankly, it scares me.

– Just wondering: What was Jake from State Farm doing at 3 a.m. Anyway?

– Hey, Evan. Nice catch.

– So the Titans are supposed to be in line for Chip Kelly just as soon as they can answer one question: Why?

– Personally, I liked Mario Williams until he turned into Albert Haynesworth.

– Watching the bowl games, I couldn't help but wonder if someone was going to score 200. Aren't these supposed to be evenly matched games?

– I'm not much of a bettor, but what are the odds that Freeman shows up by kickoff time?

– How long has Bill Cosby been working on his creepy look for the perp walk?

– So what do Michigan, Houston, Washington State and Western Kentucky have in common? Evidently, they all played their bowl against Central Florida.

– Watching Kansas State's Bill Snyder fidget with his head phones Saturday, I wondered. Did he like the 1812 Overture better in 1812?

– Rams' defensive end William Hayes went to college at Winston-Salem State, which is not exactly in the Ivy League. Hayes said he doesn't believe dinosaurs existed, but thinks that mermaids might. Really.

– Nice that Darius Rucker played at Tiger Woods' 40th birthday party. But it begs the question: Whatever happened to the Blowfish?

– Does this mean Freeman is the winner in his rivalry with Tim Tebow?

– What? No guest appearance for Aaron Hernandez on Criminal Minds yet?

– Well, isn't Cam Newton productive? By the way, he has chosen Chosen as a name. No, the middle name is not “first.”

– Hey, nice prevent defense, Oregon.

– I wonder what Miko Grimes thinks of Don Shula.

– The Dolphins took cheating precautions when they played the Patriots. But wouldn't it help if the Dolphins had, you know, secrets?

– Just wondering: Who won the Freedom Bowl this year? The Cherry Bowl? The Bicardi Bowl? The Astro-Bluebonnet?

– Sounds as if ex-Buc front office worker Dennis Hickey is done with the Miami Dolphins. Which means the Dolphins will have to hire someone else to, uh, say that it was cool when Dan Marino played there.

– Just wondering: Who has had the last hit? Hootie or Tiger?

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